Company HQ

A “Company HQ” is a place for your whole company. Invite everyone to your HQ, and you’ll have a single reliable place to post company-wide announcements everyone should know about, chat socially around the Campfire, and post key documents like benefits packages, health insurance information, and other stuff everyone needs.

Setting up your Company HQ

If your HQ isn't already set up yet, click the Adminland link on the Home screen, and in Adminland  Set up what's shown on the Home screen and flip on the HQ option. (Note, you'll need to be an account owner or admin to do this.)

Then you'll have the option to start a new HQ from scratch, or reuse an existing project as your HQ.

Using Automatic Check-ins

The Company HQ comes with a few  Automatic Check-ins turned on automatically:

  • “What did you work on this week?” (every Monday morning)
  • “What did you work on today?” (at the end of every day)
  • “Read any good books lately?” (at the beginning of the month)

We recommend keeping these on — they'll help you keep up with everyone at your company.

Inviting everyone

Once your HQ is set up, you're ready to invite people from your company. Just hit the big "Invite" button at the top, and type in the names / emails of people who should have access to the HQ.

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