Clients In Projects

Get your team and your clients on the same page: no meetings, email chains, or confusion required.

Keep in mind that if you're using Basecamp Personal, you won't be able to work with clients in projects — only those with Basecamp Monthly or Annual can.

You can work with clients using all the same tools you already use with your team. Assign clients to-dos, share files and folders, schedule events and meetings, chat around the Campfire, and even ask clients automatic check-in questions. If you can do it with your team, you can do it with your clients.

When you've turned on client access to a project, you'll see that everything in that project is now labeled as “private to our team” or “the client can see this." Everything in a project starts off as private just to your team. When you’re ready to share something — a message, a to-do, a file — just flip the switch, and make it visible.

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