Posting in a Client Project

Note: If you're using Basecamp Personal, you won't be able to work with clients in projects — only those with Basecamp Monthly or Annual can.

After you've added a client to the project, everything is private by default. A client added to a project won't see anything in it unless you change the visibility of that item. 

When you post something, you'll be asked to decide whether it's private to the team or visible to the client:

While "Our team only—private to us" is selected, you won't be able to @mention or add client users as subscribers. If you select "Allow the client to see this too," clients will be added to the list of potential subscribers, and you'll also be able to @mention them in that item. 

Which items can be shown to the client? 

You'll be able to decide whether a client can see

  • Messages
  • Events
  • To-do lists
  • Check-in questions
  • Any Docs, Uploads, or Google Docs at the root of Docs & Files
You won't be presented with this decision when posting
  • To-do groups - visibility inherited from the to-do list
  • To-dos - visibility inherited from the to-do list
  • Check-in answers - visibility inherited from the question
  • Comments - visibility inherited from the item you're commenting on
  • Any Docs, Uploads, or Google Docs within a folder - visibility inherited from folder
  • Folders - default to private
  • Forwards -  default to private 
  • Campfire - default to private 

Seeing what's visible to the client

You'll see a flag on each item, letting you know whether it's visible to the client, or private to your team: 

Here's how something private to the team looks:

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