Claiming Your $150 Credit

We've done a few things to make it easier on you to switch from Basecamp 2 to Basecamp 3. Like giving a $150 credit to existing customers! And letting you move some of your Basecamp 2 projects over with a couple taps!

But in order to hook you up with those perks, we need to see the connection between your old account and your new one. Here's how to make sure you can get it all with as little fuss as possible.

First, make sure the same person owns both accounts

If you haven't already created a Basecamp 3 account, make sure that the owner of your Basecamp 2 account is the one who does it. Here's how:

The Basecamp 2 account owner should visit and click on the "Basecamp Business: $99/month flat" link. If you're not sure who the owner is, reach out to the support team.
The owner will fill out the form to start a new trial account using the same email address used for your paid Basecamp 2 account.
Enter in your existing password and click the  Create my new account button.

You'll be prompted to set up your account name, and you can choose to set up a few teams or projects, and invite some folks to the account. 

If someone besides the Basecamp 2 account owner already created a Basecamp 3 account, you'll need to do one of two things:

You can ask your Basecamp 2 account owner to transfer ownership to you. This will allow us to link to your Basecamp 2 and 3 accounts together.  Here's a quick guide explaining how they can do that.
Or, you can write to our support team and ask them to make your Basecamp 2 account owner an owner on your Basecamp 3 account too. This will also link the two accounts.

With both accounts owned by the same person, you're ready to claim your $150 credit for Basecamp 3.

Claiming your $150 credit for Basecamp 3

First, head to Adminland in Basecamp 3. You can get there by clicking Home and then the  Adminland link at the top right of the page.  


Next, scroll down to the "Account Owners" section, and click the  Upgrade to a paid account link.

Now you'll see a screen with a special call out at the top about the $150 credit. Just go through the checkout process and that's it. Your $150 credit has been automatically added, and your Basecamp 3 account is ready to rock!

Not seeing the call out about the $150 credit when you go to upgrade? That means we're not seeing a paid Basecamp 2 or Basecamp Classic account that you own. Double check that the same person owns both of the Basecamp accounts.

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