Removing Clients from Projects

You can remove individual clients from a project as well as an entire company. Either way, you'll start by clicking on the Add/remove people button from the home page of the client project.

Scroll down to find the clients at the bottom of the people page for the project. Click the ••• menu to the right of your client's name and choose the option to Remove. Like everyone else, they won't be notified about this removal.

To remove the entire client company from the project, continue removing each individual client. When you're done, there will be another link to click:

Be sure to read the prompt before fully removing them:

Changing the client company name

If you'd like to change the name of the client company you're working with at any point, look beneath the names of everyone on the project:

Know that changing the client on this project won’t affect the client people you’ve already added, it only changes the client company labels throughout the project.

Type the new client name in, hit enter, and save your changes:

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