Help Guides for Basecamp 3

How-to Guides

Getting Started

New to Basecamp 3? Start here.

12 articles

Working in Projects

How to use the tools in Basecamp

17 articles

Working with Clients

How to work with clients inside Basecamp

7 articles

How We Work

An inside look at how we use Basecamp

7 articles

The Manual

Account & Billing

Managing your account

15 articles

Personal Settings

Choose your Basecamp preferences

10 articles

People & Permissions

Managing the people in your projects

7 articles

Switching from Basecamp 2 to 3

Everything you need to make the move

5 articles

Staying in Touch

Updates and Communication

7 articles


Basecamp 3 works everywhere you do

6 articles


Quick answers to common questions

22 articles


Resolve technical issues

3 articles