How do I create a project template?

You can  create a template in order to generate the same project over and over.

Under "Projects," look for a link to "Make a resuable template" (if this is the first template on the account) or "Manage templates" (if there are already templates created here).

Start up the template just like you'd start a new project. Note: you won't be able to copy anything into your template. You will create it all from scratch.

You can create tasks, documents, messages, and turn on the campfire, and email forwarding tool in your template. You'll also be able to set relative dates for tasks and scheduled events. You won't assign to-dos to anyone: you'll assign to-dos once you've created a project from this template, and invited users to that project.

Wondering how to create a project from your new template? Under projects, click the option "New from Template" in the New Project button.