How do I create a project template?

When you need to create the same project over and over again, create a template to save yourself some time!

Click on the "Make a new project" button found right on the Home page:

Make a new project button highlighted on the Home screenThen choose the "Use a project template" link:

Use a project template button highlighted

Then "Edit Templates": 

Edit templates button highlightedChoose the New Template option on this next page. Like regular projects in Basecamp 3, you’ll want to name your project template and give it an optional description. You can always change this later!

A screenshot of the "Start a new project template" page

Once saved, you can start adding content and organizing your new project template. This works just like other projects in Basecamp 3! Click the section you’d like to edit and add content. When you create a new project from this template, we’ll copy everything over so you don’t have to.

A project template view You can even rename the tools and toggle them on/off. That way, if you run a lot of projects that are just to-dos and messages, you can disable tools you don’t use.

GIF showing how to change tools in a project template