Adding Clients to Projects

To add Clients to your projects, click the "Set up people" (or "Add some people") at the top of your project page:

Screenshot of a project page with a red arrow pointing at the Set up people button

On the next page, don't click the “+Add people” button at the top - that button is for adding your team members and outside collaborators. You need the “Add a client to this project” button at the bottom:

Screenshot of the

After that, you can add a new Client company or invite a Client company already on your account:

Screenshot of the

And then invite individual people from that Client company:

Screenshot of the Add clients to this project page where you invite individual people from a Client company

After you add Clients to a project, you can see them all listed at the bottom of the "People who can see this project" page, along with the option to add more Clients:

NOTE: Content in Client projects starts off as private to your team by default, so your Client users won't see anything in the project until content has been made visible to them. You'll need to switch the visibility of each item you want Clients to see.