Why do I keep getting a new sign in notification when I login?

This article covers the following:

What is this "New sign in..." notification?

It's important to us that you know when someone else has accessed your Basecamp account. When we detect a login from a device not previously seen by your account, we'll send you an email to let you know. After that, we typically won't notify you about that device again. 

This email will come from support@basecamp.com with a subject like "New sign in for Basecamp from Microsoft Edge on Windows." We'll include what browser and operating system the login happened from, as well as the IP address used, and the time it happened. You can check your IP address by visiting our debug tool at http://basecamp-debug.com

⚠️ If you suspect that your account was accessed by someone else, it's important to take action immediately. We recommend changing your password, as well as setting up two-factor authentication. You can also check your Activity Log to audit your login activity.

Is there anything I can do to stop getting these emails?

Yes! You can consider:

  • Using the Desktop app for Basecamp. This will isolate your Basecamp usage to the app, while allowing your favorite browser to continue clearing or blocking cookies as you wish. You can download it at https://basecamp.com/via
  • Managing your browser cookie settings. Sometimes, browsers are set to clear cookies or block cookies without us realizing it. You can check your settings and update your cookie preferences to allow cookies from Basecamp. You can read more about that below.
  • Exempting Basecamp's cookies. Doing this, you can still have your browser clear cookies and data for other websites, while selectively allowing them from other sites, like Basecamp. You can read more about that below.
  • Setting up an email filter. These emails will always come from support@basecamp.com, and will always start with "New sign in for" in the subject line. You can setup your email client to filter these new device emails straight to the trash or to a folder.

How can I turn these notifications off entirely?

Because this is a security alert, we don't provide a way to disable it from within Basecamp. Safety first!

Why do I keep getting this email every time I login from the same device?

When you login to Basecamp, we set a cookie 🍪 in your browser to let us know if we've seen the device before, and to let us know you've logged in from that device. Under most circumstances, you'll get an email once, and you won't hear from us again about that device.

However, there are a few reasons we may think you're on a new device even though you're not! The following will clear your device cookie and cause a new sign in email to be sent:

  • Manually clearing browser cookies
  • Setting your browser to automatically clear browser cookies
  • Using a private/incognito browser tab or window
  • Switching to a different browser 
  • Factory resetting your browser, computer, or phone

We first recommend checking your browser cookie settings. In most cases, disabling automatic cookie clearing, or adding our domain to your browsers allow-list will fix the notifications for you.

If you are using private browsing or incognito mode with your web browser, you'll continue to receive these notifications, as cookies won't persist after you close the browser. You'll need to switch to a non-private browser, or you'll continue to receive these notifications on every login.

If you have a setting enabled to block or clear cookies, you'll notice each time you open the browser that you have to log in again. You'll also get an email each time you log in. To fix this, your browser's cookie settings will need to be adjusted. 🔧

Each browser handles their cookie settings a different way. Find your browser and have away with your changes!


  1. Check if cookies are enabled in Chrome
  2. Check if Chrome is deleting cookies after you close Chrome


  1. Check if cookies are enabled in Firefox
  2. Check if Firefox is clearing cookies when you close Firefox

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

  1. Check if Edge is configured to automatically block cookies
  2. Check if Edge is set to always clear cookies when you close the browser


I want to keep clearing my cookies. How can I add Basecamp to my browsers allow-list to prevent the device cookie from being deleted when I clear them?

Some people like to clear their cookies regularly or are required to do so for work. If it's possible, you can set your browser to allow cookies from a specific domain, while still clearing the rest away. Doing this, we can allow cookies from Basecamp, which will help us remember your device, while still respecting your wish or requirement to clear the rest of your cookies. 

We take your data and your privacy seriously. You own your data, not us, and we'll never sell it. You can read more about that in our Privacy Policy (and in more detail in our policies repository).


  1. Follow these instructions to allow cookies for a specific site
  2. When prompted, add  [*.]37signals.com  to the allow-list


  1. Navigate to the Basecamp login page
  2. Follow these instructions to allow cookies for a specific site
  3. Enter launchpad.37signals.com and instead of choosing Block, select Allow

Internet Explorer

  1. Click Tools. In the Internet Properties window, select the General tab.
  2. Under Browsing History make sure Preserve Favorites website data is checked.
  3. Add http://launchpad.37signals.com to your favorites. 

Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Edge doesn't yet offer a way to selectively allow or exempt websites from automatic cookie deletion. This should become available in a future version of Edge, as it's in their current beta version


  • Safari doesn't offer an option to clear cookies on exit, or a way to allow or block certain website cookies. If you're still having trouble, check if you're using a Private Window, or if you have a 3rd party extension installed to clear cookies.