Basecamp 3 for Windows

We built Basecamp 3 to get things done on your laptop or desktop PC. Pin Basecamp 3 to your Windows taskbar and get notifications right on your desktop.  Download Basecamp 3 for Windows.

Screenshot of the Basecamp app on the Windows desktop


Download Basecamp 3 for Windows and click Run to start installing the app. When it’s complete, just sign in and you’re all set!

Screenshot of the Basecamp installer file downloading in Microsoft Edge on Windows

Basecamp 3 on Windows

When running, Basecamp 3 will appear as an icon in your taskbar.

Screenshot of the Basecamp app icon in the taskbar on Windows with a context menu open

For quick access you can pin Basecamp 3 to the taskbar even when it’s not running so it’s always easy to find.


When you receive a notification, Basecamp 3 will show it right on the desktop in the form of a notification banner.

Screenshot of the Basecamp app on Windows desktop with a notification in the lower right corner which says: Tony S. sent you a Ping. Do you have plans to go over the project this afternoon?

You can configure notifications in the Windows Control Panel under System.

Screenshot of the Notifications & Actions menu in the system settings on Windows