Basecamp for Mac

We built Basecamp to work beautifully on your Mac, MacBook, and iMac. Keep Basecamp handy in the dock and get notifications right on your desktop. Download Basecamp for Mac (Intel). Basecamp for Macs with Apple Silicon is also available.

Screenshot of the Basecamp app on Mac desktop


Download the appropriate version of the app based on your processor. Apple Silicon Mac app. Intel Mac app. (Not sure?  Here's how to check.)
Open the disk image (basecamp.dmg) file.
Drag the Basecamp icon to Applications to save it on your Mac.
Double-click Applications and find Basecamp in the Applications folder.
Double-click to start the app. Sign in and you’re all set!

Screenshot of the Basecamp installer on Mac

Basecamp on OS X

When running Basecamp will appear as an icon in your Dock. When there are new notifications to read in Basecamp a red badge will appear on the icon.

Screenshot of the Basecamp 3 app icon in the Dock on Mac desktop

Basecamp will also appear in the menu bar at the top right of your OS X desktop. It turns blue when there are new notifications in Basecamp.

Screenshot of the Basecamp 3 icon in the menu bar at the top next to other applications

Notification preferences

You can configure (or completely disable) Basecamp notifications in the Notifications section of System Preferences on your Mac.

Screenshot of the Basecamp 3 notification settings in the System settings on Mac

Copy a specific URL or link

Need to share a URL or link? Just click "Page" from the top menu bar and select "Copy page address."

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to "Page" on the top menu bar