Merging People

Sometimes you'll find a person on your account is listed twice, usually with two different email addresses. Instead of removing one of them, you can merge the two together!

Or maybe you want a new person to inherit someone else’s project access and assignments? If you're an admin, you can get this done!

Click on Home, then on Adminland, then on option to Merge People:

Screenshot of the Adminland page with an arrow pointing at the Merge people option

You'll want to start by reading the information on that page as merging cannot be undone. The page explains that one person is designated as a winner and the other as a loser. The winner will receive all of the loser’s: 

  • to-do assignments
  • reminders
  • notification subscriptions
  • access to projects. 

They will not inherit the loser’s historical activity, nor will they gain access to their Ping conversations. After merging, the loser will be removed from the account.

If you have any questions about this before you do merge two people together, feel free to contact the support team. We'll be happy to help!

Here's an example where someone invited Tony Stark to the account using their personal email address. Someone else invited them to the account using their work email address.

Screenshot of the Avengers Group company with Tony Stark registered twice under different email addresses

You can identify which profile should be removed after clicking Home, then Adminland, then Merge People. Let's get rid of the personal email address for Tony:

GIF demonstrating how you can choose the loser of the merge

Then, choose which profile stays on the account:

GIF demonstrating how you can chose the winner of the merge

You cannot undo a merge so please be sure you want to make this change. When you're ready, read the information on the rest of the page. Project accesses, to-do assignments, reminders, and subscriptions will be merged into the profile that stays on the account. The wrong profile will be removed from the account. 

When merges finish, they'll all be listed beneath Recent merges:

Screenshot of the Merge people page after the successful merge with an arrow pointing at the Recent merges section

If you run into any questions about this along the way, please contact the support team! We'd be happy to answer what comes up.

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