Copy a Template

You can make a new, separate template based on an existing template in your account from the Project Templates page.

From your Home page:

  1. Click 'Make a New Project'
  2. Click 'Choose a project template'
  3. Click 'Edit templates'

You'll see all your templates. Click the ••• menu at the top right of the template you want to copy

a cropped screenshot of the Templates page with a red arrow pointing toward the Options menu at the top right of a template.

You'll see the menu option to Duplicate the template:

A cropped screenshot of the options menu of a template with a red box around the 'Duplicate' option

Click that and you can rename this duplicate and give it a new description:

A cropped screenshot of the 'Make a duplicate of this template' page.

Click 'Create template' and you'll create a new copy of your existing template!