Export Your Basecamp Data

The account owner can create an HTML export of Basecamp data any time. Whether you just want to download an export of your latest Project, or all of them, this is the place to do it.

Note: If exporting data before canceling the account, allow the export of your data to finish downloading to your computer before you cancel. Otherwise, the export won't download properly and you'll need to contact support to sort it out.

To start, click  Adminland on the top right of the Home page right beneath your avatar.

Next, scroll down on the Adminland page to find the option to  Export data from this account

Here you'll get a list of all the active and archived Teams and Projects on your account—even those you haven't been added to. Just check off the ones you'd like to export, and click  Export my data.

Putting together your export can take a while, so please be patient. Don't worry though, we'll email you as soon as it's ready for you.

Once you've downloaded your export, you'll be able to open it up on any computer and click around just like a website. You'll also have a dedicated folder for each project, team, or the HQ where you'll find all of the files uploaded to Docs & Files, with the original file format.

Not seeing the export option? That means you're not an account owner. Contact one of your account owners listed in Adminland. They'll be able to export data for you.

Exporting ping conversations

As an account owner, you can export all pings on the account. It will include every ping conversation between anyone on the account, ever. 

Pings are private conversations so exporting (and reading) these conversations may be a breach of trust.  We suggest only exporting pings in extraordinary circumstances or when required to do so by court order

To export all pings on the account, click on Home, then on Adminland, then on Export data from this account. There will be a link there to export pings: