Add or Remove Other Owners

Basecamp 4 accounts can have more than one owner, so the original owner can designate additional people as owners — handy (and recommended!) for when you're out of the office having a baby or something, and your credit card expires! You don't want to have to talk to Basecamp support while you're in labor, do you? Of course not. But seriously, adding a backup account owner really is a good idea.

Start by clicking  Adminland on the top right of the Home page just beneath your avatar:

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to "Adminland" on the Home screen

Once in Adminland, scroll down and click the  Add/remove account owners option:

Screenshot of an arrow point to the "Add/remove owners" option within "Adminland"

Type and select the new co-owner's name in the "Choose a person" field located at the bottom and click the Grant account owner powers button. To remove account owner powers, click the Revoke button located to the right of the user's name.

Screenshot of two arrows — one pointing to the "Choose a person"  field and one pointing to the "Revoke" button