How do I use the schedule with my calendar?

Each Project, Team, and Company HQ has its own  Schedule. You can add individual events to the Schedule and notify other users about events. Dated to-dos in that Project (or Team or Company HQ) will also show up in the Schedule.

Once you're in the Schedule section, click "Add another event" (or "Add the first event") at the very top. You'll have the option to name the event, note whether it's all day (or multiple days), and what time it will occur. You can add particular users and notes, and you can also choose who to notify about this event. Click "Post this event" at the bottom of the page when you're done.

To sync your Schedule events (and dated to-dos) to an external calendar, click "Add this Schedule to your Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal" just above the calendar grid. Follow the instructions to sync up your Schedule to iCal, Outlook, or a Google calendar. Keep in mind it's a one-way sync: your Schedule items will appear in your external calendar, but items from that calendar won't show up in your Schedule.

Subscribe to each Schedule you'd like synced up with an external calendar.