Use Basecamp 3's schedule to keep track of dated to-dos and upcoming events with your team.

Click on the Schedule tool of a particular team or project to get started (it isn't possible to add events directly to Upcoming Dates or My Schedule).

Find the date for your event on the Schedule and click +New event up top, or Add an event below the calendar grid.

Enter the details about your event. Events can be single day, multi-day, or recurring. You can have full-day events, or events with a start and end time. Add a note to give you or your team more information.

Select the members who are involved. Basecamp 3 can send them a notification about the event. 

Including people in the With field means that they will be notified about the event creation, reminded about the event, updated on any changes made to the date/time, and made aware of any comments.

Including people as a subscriber ( Notify these people. Change....) they'll get a notification that the event was created and they'll be notified when comments are made on that event.

For all-day events, you'll get a reminder at 9 a.m. on the first day. For events with specific times, you'll get a notification one day before, and one hour before the start time.

Recurring Events

Does this event repeat? Choose from the options in the dropdown menu:

Select an end date, or let that event repeat into eternity!

Sync your schedule with an external calendar

To sync your entire schedule with an external calendar program, click the link on the Schedule page.

Just right-click on the link for your particular external calendar, select "Copy Link Address," and then paste that URL in your external calendar's subscribe feature. 

When you subscribe to a project/team/HQ schedule, you'll see dates that go 2 years back, and 5 years forward.

This is different than My Schedule which goes 1 month back, and 18 months forward.
And different from Upcoming Dates which goes 1 month back, and 3 months forward.

Add an event to an external calendar

Don't need to sync the whole schedule? You can add a single event to your personal calendar, using the options for Google, iCal, or Outlook. 

Click to add the event to an Outlook, Apple, or Google calendar.

View events

Your schedule lists all your events, along with to-dos with a due date. You'll see who's involved with your events, and who is assigned to the to-do. Click the title of the event (or to-do with a due date!) to view it. Use the arrows to navigate back in time or forward to the future.

There can be a lot of changes to a single event! We've made it so that all of those events collapse and only show the most recent change:

Want to see every change? No problem, click the link to "View all changes" directly from the thread event:

Don't have any deadlines for your Project? Turn off the schedule in the Settings menu. Here's how:  Changing Tools