We all have deadlines. Use Basecamp 3's schedule to keep track of dated to-dos and upcoming events with your team.

Click on the Schedule tool to get started.

Adding events

Click the Add an event button.

Enter the details about your event. Events can be single day or multi-day. You can have full-day events, or events with a start and end time. Select the members who are involved. Basecamp 3 can send them a notification about the event. Add a note to give your team more info.

For all-day events, you'll get a reminder at 9 a.m. on the first day; for events with specific times, you'll get a notification one day before, and one hour before the start time.

After you save your event, you can add it to your personal calendar, using the options for Google, iCal, or Outlook. 

Syncing your schedule with an external calendar program

To sync your entire schedule with an external calendar program, click the link!

You'll then have the option to add the calendar to Outlook, iCal, or Google calendar:

Viewing events

Your schedule lists all your events, along with to-dos with a due date. You'll see who's involved with your events, and who is assigned to the to-do. Click the title of the event or to-do to view it. Click the  looking back tab to view events and to-dos from the past.

Don't have any deadlines for your Project? Turn off the schedule in the Settings menu.