Tracking Bugs

Sometimes we’ll find bugs and issues that are beyond the scope of the on-call programming team. Those are usually bugs that affect many customers rather than just one user or computer. When that happens, that bug is added as a Card inside a project.

A screenshot of a Card Table named

The first stop for every new bug is the “Triage” column. This gives us an easy place to quickly add new bugs. The Card name is kept short for easy reference. The notes field contains any details, screenshots, links back to the case, and anything else that might be helpful.

From the “Triage” list, the bug is then either assigned or grabbed by a programmer who sees one they want to fix. Here’s a full thread where the bug was added as a card, discussed, and then fixed.

A screenshot of a Card in Basecamp that is tracking a bug, including the conversation with a programmer and the programmer completing the card.

From the support side, Monic was notified throughout the process and could keep our customer in the loop. Once Alberto made the fix, he moved the Card to the Done column and Monic updated the customer.