Switching Between Basecamp accounts

Switching Between Basecamp accounts


As long as you use the same exact email address to access each Basecamp account, you can navigate between them in your browser.* You can see all of the accounts you're a part of here: https://launchpad.37signals.com/signin

Access the Launchpad or your other accounts from within Basecamp 4 by clicking on the Basecamp logo on the upper-left corner of the page:

An animated GIF showing a user clicking on the Basecamp logo to see their list of Basecamp 4 accounts

* If you don't use the same email address across all of your Basecamp accounts and you would like to, please reach out to the support team! We'd be happy to get this sorted out for you. ✨


If you use the Basecamp 4 desktop app or mobile app, you can only navigate between other Basecamp 4 accounts. So, you would not be able to access a Basecamp 2 account from the Basecamp 4 app.

In the desktop app for Mac, click the Account menu then choose the account you're looking for. You can even opt to use a keyboard shortcut like ⌘1 to navigate to other accounts even more quickly:

A list of Basecamp 3 accounts available from the Account menu of the desktop app.

📱 Instructions for switching between Basecamp 4 accounts on the iPhone and iPad are here.

🤖 Instructions for switching between Basecamp 4 accounts on an Android are here.