Basecamp for iPhone and iPad

We built Basecamp to be fully featured and perfectly at home on iOS. Get it for free on the App Store (requires iOS 13.0 or later)

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The Basics

Getting around Basecamp on iOS is easy! Here are a few tips to make you a pro.

There are 5 tabbed sections: Homeall of your projects and teams, Hey!what’s new for you, Activityeverything that’s happenedFindsearch for something, and My Stuff – all your stuff and settings:

Screenshots showing different pages of the Basecamp app on iOS

If you’re reading a message or chatting in a Chat room, for example, you’ll always see the name of the project at the top of the screen. Tap that to quickly jump somewhere else in the project. The options menu (•••) at the top right gives you quick access to all the actions you can perform on the current screen like Edit, Bookmark, or Add something new:

Screenshots showing how to open the dropdown menu for an item in the Basecamp app. It shows different actions that you can choose from


Basecamp notifies you when someone comments on a thread you’re part of, @mentions you, or Pings you. Visit the Hey! tab anytime to see what's new:

Screenshot on the left: Push notification from the Basecamp app on the iPhone's lockscreen. Screenshot on the right: The same ping message within the Basecamp app

If you have Basecamp installed, you can get push notifications on your iOS device instead of emails. You’ll be prompted to allow notifications when you first open Basecamp. You can enable or disable push notifications within the iOS app anytime by going to My Stuff > Settings and toggling "Receive notifications on this iPhone".

You can control how notifications are displayed by opening the iOS Settings app, going to Basecamp > Notifications and adjusting the settings. From there, you can tweak things like whether to play a sound when receiving a push, badging the app icon, and more:

Screenshot of the notification settings for the Basecamp app on iOS

Mark as Unread

Accidentally clicked on a notification? You can mark it as unread by swiping the notification to the left and tapping on "Mark as Unread:"

Screenshots showing how to swipe left on the notifications in the Hey! menu and mark them unread or add to Don't forget

Work Can Wait

Basecamp offers a number of ways to manage your notifications. Focus Mode turns off notifications for a few hours so you can focus. With Work Can Wait you can set up a schedule to only be notified during working hours. You can even turn off notifications per device or everywhere. You’ll find these options in My Stuff > Settings > Notification Settings:

Screenshots of the Basecamp app showing the My stuff page and the app settings including the Notification settings

More than one account

If you have more than one Basecamp 4 account, you can tap the title of the account located at the top of the Home screen to easily switch to a different account:

Screenshots of the Basecamp app showing how to switch between accounts in the app

NOTE: Only Basecamp 4 accounts associated with the email address you’re currently signed in with will be listed.

Share with Basecamp

Use Share extension to quickly post photos, videos, tweets, web pages and more to Basecamp from any supported app without having to launch the app. The more you chat, the more likely iOS is to suggest the destination to you when sharing:

Screenshot of a Share sheet on iPhone where you can see quick share items from Basecamp (Chats, Pings, etc)

Four screenshots of Basecamp share extension where you can see different screens - share in a project or Ping, Project directory, Chat room, Ping someone

Make sure Basecamp is enabled in your Share sheet - go to Safari, tap the Share button, scroll all the way to the end to the different apps, tap More > Edit, turn Basecamp on, then tap Done.

Copy a specific URL or link

Need to share a URL or link? Just tap the more options menu "•••" located on the top right, select "Share," and tap "Copy." 

Two screenshots — arrows pointing to the more options menu and share options and an arrow pointing to the copy option

Siri Shortcuts

Quickly jump to your most-used tools in Basecamp with automatic suggestions from Siri and Siri Shortcuts!

Siri is now able to learn your behavior across iOS and automatically suggest an action for you in Basecamp. Siri makes this suggestion on your lock screen so you're just a tap away from getting where you (most likely!) need to go.

Siri also responds to custom phrases! You can say "Hey Siri, what's new in Basecamp?" and Siri will pull up the Basecamp app, right to the page where you can see what's indeed is new for you. 

These custom phrases can be set up on your device by starting off in the Shortcuts app. For some suggested Shortcuts:

  1. Find the Gallery** (you may need to tap < Shortcuts at the top left)
  2. Shortcuts from Your Apps < See all
  3. Basecamp < See all

** = The Gallery tab is on iPhone only, not iPad.

You could also create your own Shortcuts.

  • Click on the My Shortcuts tab on the bottom left-hand side of the page
  • Tap + on the action you'd like to add
  • You'll see the Add to Siri screen, where you can add a custom phrase Siri can use to run that shortcut

NOTE: Be sure that you have the "Learn From this App" and "Show Suggestions from App" options toggled on in your device's Settings (Settings > Siri & Search > Basecamp).


When you're uploading a photo to Chat or to a Ping conversation, you'll have the option to upload it as is or sketch on the image:

Screenshot of the pop-up window that appears when you upload an image to a discussion or comment. A red box is around the "Sketch on image" button

In a Chat or Ping, tap the image after uploading to see the sketch option:

Screenshot of the pop-up window that appears when you upload an image to a Campfire or Ping conversation. A red box is around the "Sketch" button

You can stick with dark gray for your sketching, use the other color options, and change the width of the stroke.

Sketch away and when you're done, hit the checkmark at the top right of the page. The image will post to the Chat or Ping conversation once you tap on the ✔️: 

Screenshot of the image with different sketching options highlighted


Use Basecamp widgets to see your upcoming events or dated assignments without opening the app!

To add the Basecamp widget to your Home Screen:

  1. Touch and hold an empty area of your Home screen until your apps jiggle.
  2. Tap the Add button + in the upper-left corner.
  3. Select Basecamp, choose a widget size, then tap the + Add Widget button.

To configure the Basecamp Home screen widget:

  1. Touch and hold the widget to open the quick actions menu.
  2. Tap Edit Widget.

Here, you can then choose which account you'd like to use (if you have multiple Basecamp 4 accounts) or you can set the widget to mirror the account that's currently active in the Basecamp iOS app.

Additionally, you can decide what your widget will display — your calendar events in the next 7 days only, your assignments that are due in the next 7 days, or both!

To add the Basecamp widget to your Lock Screen (available on on iOS 16+)

  1. Touch and hold the Lock Screen.
  2. Tap the Customize button that appears at the bottom.
  3. Tap the Lock Screen located on the left.
  4. Tap Add Widgets.
  5. Tap or drag the Basecamp widget.
  6. Tap the close button "X", then tap Done.

To configure the Basecamp Lock screen widget:

  1. Touch and hold the Lock Screen.
  2. Tap the Customize button that appears at the bottom.
  3. Tap the Lock Screen located on the left.
  4. Tap the widget 
  5. Tap the widget again to bring up the options sheet

Having trouble?

Here are a few things to try if Basecamp isn’t working quite right:

Do you have the right Basecamp app? Basecamp - Project Management only works with accounts created on the new Basecamp 3 ( now Basecamp 4) released in Fall 2015. If you’re using Basecamp Classic or Basecamp 2 you can download the Basecamp 2 app from the App Store.
Are you connected to the Internet? Basecamp for iOS must be connected to a cellular data or wi-fi network while in use. Instructions for connecting to wi-fi.
Have you tried quitting the app and re-opening it? Here’s how.
Is the app unresponsive, crashing or won’t open? Try these steps.