Teams and HQ

Projects are a great way to hold all the stuff that goes into the work you and your team are doing. But did you know projects can be used for other things as well?

Using a project, you can create a space to keep your company and its departments organized. This might be an HQ for company wide announcements, files, events, and more. Or a spot for your team to coordinate things outside of specific project work.

A screenshot of a Basecamp account with three pinned projects titled


Create an All-Access 'HQ' project for your company to share important messages and links, keep track of anniversaries, or even have a virtual watercooler. :


A Basecamp project is a great way to organize the communication for your individual team. Make a new project and give it a clear name and description. You can rename, add or remove tools to create the perfect fit for that team:

A screenshot of a project.

Want to explore more? Take a sneak peak at our our very own Customer Support team set things up here.

Got questions on how to set up your projects? Reach out to our Support team, we're always happy to help!