Inviting People to a Project

People can only see the workspaces they've been invited to. There could be 100 projects on an account but if you only invite someone to one of these projects, they won't know the other 99 exist. Read on to learn more!

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Add someone to a Project, Team, or Company HQ

On the project's main page, click the  Add/remove people button right beside people’s avatars.

The next screen shows you everyone already on the project, team, or HQ.

Click the +Add people button to invite people to the project

If you're looking to invite clients to your project, follow this guide!

Add someone to all archived projects & teams on the account

An admin or an account owner can give other people on the account access to the same archived workspaces they have access to in one fell swoop. This is done in Adminland then on Add/Remove people or change their access. Click on "Change access" beneath their name:

You can preview what projects they'll be invited to by clicking on "See all archived projects"before you click to give someone access. This includes projects, teams, and the HQ if it's been archived. 

Add people to your team

After you choose to add people to your team, you'll enter their names and email addresses. (Note: if you're working with a client, you'll add their info separately.) People you invite will be immediately added to the project so they can post messages, comment on things, and be assigned to-dos. Each person will receive an email that includes a link to join the project and set up their account if they haven’t already.

It's not possible to import users' addresses from an external file. You'll need to add each user name and email address manually.

Click the ••• menu button in the upper-right corner for another way you can get people into your projects. Invite people to join your project by sharing the opt-in link with them. Simply click the  Copy to clipboard button next to the link and share it with others. People can paste that link directly into their browser to join the project!

Add a client

To invite clients into your projects, head to the people page of a project, not a team and not the HQ. Clients can only be added to projects.

Scroll to the bottom of that page and click on the button to add a client to the project:

Type the client company name, hit enter, then add any client contacts you'd like to invite.

After you add the client, you'll see them highlighted in their own section at the bottom of the people page for that project:

You can only add a client to a Project (not a Team). Learn more about working with clients.

If you need to add someone to several projects and you're worried about all the email invitations they'll receive, you can ask an admin to manage their access instead, which will only produce one email each time their access is updated. 

Organizations and Companies

When you invite a user into the account, you can make them part of an organization or company. Just type the name of the organization into the invitation screen, and Basecamp creates it on the spot.

Or, you can choose from an organization that's already on the account. Just start typing the name and that option will appear.

Add people from the same organization or company

To invite a bunch of people from the same company at once, click the Pick people from a company dropdown and select the company you’d like to add people from.

Then choose people from that company to be added to the form.

 You’ll be able to remove them before you send the invitations if you make a mistake.

Note: When adding people, you'll only see those with whom you already share a Project, Team, or Company HQ. Admins can see everyone from their company.

Resend an invitation

If one of your users lost their invitation email, or can't remember how to log in, you can help them out!

Click on the  Add/remove people button at the top of your project page.

You'll see everyone in the project, and beneath their names, you'll have the option to "Send a link to log in."

Voila! We'll send an email to your user who hasn't accepted their invitation. If they have accepted the invitation already, they'll get linked straight to the login screen.

Note: While an invitation to Basecamp is pending, the only people who can edit someone's info are admins or the person who originally invited them. Once someone has joined Basecamp, you won't be able to update their name or email address anymore. That person will have to make those changes themselves.