Inviting People to a Project

Before you can add users to any projects, you need to add them to your account. People can only see the projects they've been added to. There could be 100 projects on an account but if you only invite someone to one of these projects, they won't know the other 99 exist.

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Invite users to your account

Only admins can add users to accounts created after September 14, 2022.

Before you can add users to any projects, you need to add them to your account. You can do that right from the Home page. Just click 'Invite people':

Home page with 'Invite people' button highlighted

You'll need to choose if they're someone at your company, someone from an outside company, or a client:

A screen showing the different types of people you can invite to your account

You can invite multiple people at one time by clicking the '+' button:

Screenshot showing interface of inviting two users to the account

Once you click 'Email invitation now', we'll send an invite to those users and you can add them to multiple projects in bulk:

Screenshot showing the projects a new user can be invited to.

NOTE: It's not possible to import users' addresses from an external file. You'll need to add each user name and email address manually.
For all new accounts created after September 14, 2022, admins and account owners can invite new coworkers into the account with a link. People who join with this link can create new projects, add existing users to projects, and be admins or co-owners on the account. Owners will also see an additional $15/month for each new person added with this link on the next invoice.

To invite coworkers this way, click the  Invite them with a link instead link located under the the “Email invitation now…” button:

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to "Invite them with a link instead" link

You can also do this in Adminland. Click the  Invite coworkers with a link option located under the Administrators section:   

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to "Invite them with a link" option in Adminland

You'll enter your email domain (e.g., choose the projects your coworkers should have access to, and toggle on the  Invite link. That's it! You're now ready to share that link with your new coworkers.

Two screenshots — one of the "Invite coworkers link" toggled on and the other toggled off

All done with that invite link? Toggle off the  Invite link and the link you shared will no longer work.

NOTE: Outside collaborators and clients cannot be invited into an account with this link. 

Account owners can see how many coworkers are on the account by viewing their upcoming invoices on their " Handling billing and invoices" page. 

Add someone to a Project

On the project's main page, click the  Set up people button right beside people’s avatars.The next screen shows you everyone already on the project.

Top portion of a Project screen with 'Set up people' button highlighted

Screenshot of the "People who can see this project" page with a list of members and "On the project" participation type

Click the +Add people button to invite people to the project. You can invite users by name and that field will autofill the users on your account who don't have access yet:

'Add people to this project' screen with fields for adding names and an optional invitation note

All-access projects

All-access projects make it easy for any of your coworkers to join your projects, without being manually invited. You can just share a link to any item in your project with any non-client user and they'll automatically be added to the project.

When you create a project, set it to All-access to give your coworkers easier access:

You'll know if a project is All-access when it has the badge at the top left of the project:

When you want to share a message or file in your project with someone else, just copy and paste the link. Once they click the link, that coworker will automatically be following that project and see the item you've shared. (Not sure how to get a link to an item? Here's how!)

NOTE: Only creator of a project, as well as account admins/owners, can change its type from Invite-only to All-Access, and vice versa.

Users can also join an All-Access project from the filter on the A-Z directory. Click the row or the "Join" button and you're in:

Screenshot of the All-access projects page

Only users already on your account can use the All-access link to join a project. People who are not yet users cannot be invited to the account via a link. Clients can only be  invited manually to a project. 

Add someone to all archived projects on the account

A team user can give other people on the account access to the same archived workspaces they have access to in one fell swoop. This is done in Adminland then on Add/Remove people. Click the ••• menu button on the right:

Screenshot of the "Add/Remove" people screen with the user menu highlighted.

You can preview what projects they'll be invited to by clicking on "See all archived projects" before you click to give someone access.

Screenshot of the "Change access" page with the "Give access to archived projects" button highlighted

Add a client

To invite clients into your projects, head to the people page of a project. Scroll to the bottom of that page and click the button to add a client to the project:

Screenshot of the bottom part of the "People who can see this project" page with an arrow pointing at the "Add a client to this project" button

Type the client company name, hit enter, then add any client contacts you'd like to invite.

GIF of the client invitation process showing it step by step

After you add the client, you'll see them highlighted in their own section at the bottom of the people page for that project:

Screenshot of the "Who can see this project?" page with an arrow pointing at the client users on the project

Learn more about working with clients in projects.

If you need to add someone to several projects and you're worried about all the email invitations they'll receive, you can ask an admin to manage their access instead, which will only produce one email each time their access is updated. 

Add people from the same organization or company

To invite a bunch of people from the same company at once, click the Pick people from a company dropdown and select the company you’d like to add people from.

'Add people to this project' screen with the 'Pick people from a company' link

Then choose people from that company to be added to the form.

'People people from a company' screen

Once you have added those users, you can change their participation type to decide how they get notified of updates to the project. 'People who can see this project' screen with participation type options

Only team users can invite others to a project. Clients cannot invite anyone to their projects.

Resend an invitation

If one of your users lost their invitation email, or can't remember how to log in, you can help them out!

Click the  Set up people button at the top of your project page:

Image showing top of a project home page with "set up people" button highlighted

You'll see everyone in the project, and beneath their names, you'll have the option to "Send a link to log in."

GIF showing how to share a link to log in (click the "..." button to the right and then select the "Send a link to log in" button

Voila! We'll send an email to your user who hasn't accepted their invitation. If they have accepted the invitation already, they'll get linked straight to the login screen.

Note: While an invitation to Basecamp is pending, the only people who can edit someone's info are admins or the person who originally invited them. Once someone has joined Basecamp, you won't be able to update their name or email address anymore. That person will have to make those changes themselves.