Inviting people to your account

Before you can add users to any projects, you need to invite them to your account.

To invite people to your account, go your Home screen and click the "Invite people" button at the top:

Screenshot of the Home screen with an arrow pointing at the Invite people button

There you can choose who you are inviting:

  • Someone who works at your company. These are the employees you pay for if you are on a per-user plan, and they can create projects, add people to projects, and act as administrators.
  • An outside collaborator, partner, contractor, guest, etc. These are the people who don't work at your company, but you want to collaborate with them in your Basecamp projects.
  • A client you're doing work for. Clients can access the projects you've added them to, but they can't create their own, invite or add new people, or become admins. You can hide parts of projects from them so they can't see work in progress.

Screenshot of the Who are you inviting page

You can invite multiple people in one go by clicking the "+" button:

Screenshot of the Set up your coworker's account page where you can invite several people at once

Once you click "Email invitation now", we'll send an invite to those users and you can add them to multiple projects in bulk:

Screenshot of the access page where you can choose what projects a person have access to

People can only see the projects they've been added to. There could be 100 projects on an account but if you only invite someone to one of these projects, they won't know the other 99 exist.

NOTE: Only admins can add new users on per-user plan accounts. If you don't see the option to add new users, please contact an administrator on the account to help.

Also, it's not possible to import users' addresses from an external file. You'll need to add each user name and email address manually.