Inviting coworkers with a link

This option is only available to the admins and owners of the accounts created after September 14, 2022.

People who join with this link are considered employees - they can create new projects, add existing users to projects, and be admins or co-owners on the account. Owners of accounts on the per-user plan will see an additional $15/month for each new person added with this link on the next invoice. Owners of accounts on the Pro Unlimited plan can invite as many employee users without additional costs.

To invite coworkers this way, go to "Invite people" > "Someone who works at your company, then click the "Invite them with a link instead" link located under the the “Email invitation now” button:

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to the Invite them with a link instead link

You can also do this via Adminland. Click the "Invite coworkers with a link" option located in the Administrators section:

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to Invite them with a link option in Adminland

You'll enter your email domain (e.g., choose the projects your coworkers should have access to, and toggle on the "Invite Link". That's it! You're now ready to share that link with your new coworkers:

Two screenshots - one of the Invite coworkers link toggled on and the other toggled off

All done with that invite link? Toggle off the "Invite Link", and the link you shared will no longer work.

NOTE: Outside collaborators and Clients cannot be invited into an account with this link. Account owners can see how many coworkers are on the account by viewing their upcoming invoices on their "Handle billing, invoices, plans, and add-ons" page.