Adding people to projects

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Adding people to active projects

Go to a project you want to invite people to and click the "Set up people" button right beside people’s avatars at the top:

Screenshot of the top portion of a project screen with an arrow pointing at the Set up people button

The next screen shows you everyone who is already on the project or just following:

Screenshot of the People who can see this project page where you can see who's on the project or just following

Click the "+Add people" button at the top to invite employees or outside collaborators to the project. You can invite people by name (not email address) and that field will autofill the users on your account who don't have access to this project yet:

Add people to this project' screen with fields for adding names and an optional invitation note

💡 TIP: Need to add clients to your project? Follow the steps here!

Adding people to archived projects

The account owners and admins can grant others access to the archived projects they can access in one fell swoop. To do that, go to Adminland > Add/remove people or change their access, click the ••• menu button on the right and select Change access:

Screenshot of the People who can see this project page with More options menu open and an arrow pointing at the Change access option

You'll find the button you need at the bottom. Before giving someone access to all archived projects, you can preview which projects they'll be added to by clicking the "See all archived projects" link:

Screenshot of the Change access page with an option to Give a person access to 2 archived projects (and see all archived projects) underlined