Who can do what?

Clients on the Clientside can only:

  • Reply to emails sent from the Clientside.

Clients added to projects can: 

  • Post comments, messages, events, and to-dos, upload files like regular users
  • See everything that is marked "The client can see this..."
  • What's different for Client Users:
    • They don't see any badges or borders indicating who is a client
    • They don't see flags calling out items that are visible to clients
    • They can't create new projects
    • They can't invite people into projects
    • They can't remove people from projects
    • They can't edit a project's name or description
    • They can't modify the Tools in a project
    • They can't archive or trash a project
    • They don't see the HQ or the Teams section of the Home screen
    • They can't be made Admins on the account

Learn more about working with clients in projects.

Everyone added as a non-client user can:

  • Create a new Project or Team
  • Change who's on a Project or Team (i.e., add and remove other users and clients)
  • Archive, trash, and restore Projects and Teams
  • Archive, trash, and restore items within a Project or Team
  • Permanently delete items they created
  • See everyone and everything in all Projects, Teams, and Company HQ they're a part of

Account Administrators can also:

  • Remove someone from your account
  • Change which Projects or Teams someone can see
  • Move someone between companies/organizations
  • Rename a company/organization
  • Add/remove other administrators
  • Delete comments made by anyone else
  • Permanently delete items created by anyone else

Account Owners can also:

  • Upgrade or downgrade your package
  • Handle billing & invoices
  • Add yourself to any Project or Team on the account
  • Add/remove other account owners
  • Rename your account
  • Cancel your account
Account owners are not automatically added to new Projects or Team sites in the account. Owners can  add themselves to any Project or Team in the account.

Admins and account owners can be a part of any company/organization on the account.