Sharing Project items with public links

NOTE: This feature is available for paid accounts only.

If you created your account after September 14, 2022, you'll need to upgrade your account to a paid plan to get access to this feature.

You don't need to invite someone to your account in order to share something with them!

Everything in a project is private by default  —  only people added can see items in that project. But occasionally, you need to send something to someone who’s not part of a Project, or show someone something specific when you don’t want them to see the rest of the project. It's very simple in Basecamp 4!

You can generate a public link to share these items in your project:

  • Message
  • To-do list
  • Document or file
  • Folder
  • Event
  • Card Table
  • Email forward
  • Check-in answer

Just click the  •••  button for the item or folder you want to share and choose how you want to share it:

You can share it with someone outside the Project, or just bring it to the attention of someone else in the Project (ideal for when you want to point out the item's existence, without adding a comment or assigning a task):

If you have a Project with a Client set up, you'll also see the option to share the item with the Client.

To share it with someone outside of the project, click the  Get a public link  option, then the Generate a shareable, public link  button:

Copy that link, and text/email/carrier pigeon it to whoever needs to see it! You can click the  View a preview  button to see what they'll see, or the Disable this link  button to revoke public access to the page, and the URL won't work anymore.

Any comments on the item will not be shared. Only the original item is shared publicly; comment threads are not included via the publicly shared link. People viewing the public item will not be able to edit or comment on that item.

The owners of the account can view everything in the account that has been publicly linked, unpublish individual items, and even unpublish everything at once from Adminland: