Personal Info

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You can change your photo, time zone, theme color, and more from the  My Profile page. Click your avatar in the upper right corner to get there:

A screenshot showing tow arrows — one pointing to a user's avatar and the other pointing to the "My profile" option

My profile

Here's where you can make changes to your personal user ID in Basecamp. Update your:

  • Photo/avatar
  • Name
  • Title
  • Location
  • Short bio (or current status)
  • Email address
  • Time zone
  • Preferred first day of the week
  • The way you sign in

The location field doesn't have to refer to your city. Use it for whatever works for your organization: store, department, room number, building on campus, country, state — or leave it blank! You can think of the bio/status field similarly. 

This information also appears in your profile card when you or other people in your Basecamp click your avatar throughout the app:

Keep in mind that changes made to your photo, email address, name, and time zone will also sync across any other Basecamp accounts you're a part of via the Launchpad. Changes made to your theme or your location won't sync across your other Basecamp accounts.

Note: You won't yet see your location or anyone else's on the Basecamp 3 mobile app for iOS or Android. Coming soon!


You can set a color theme for your Basecamp account. Choose from the default, purple, blue, green, orange, or gray. Changes made to your theme won't sync across your other Basecamp accounts. So if you're a part of multiple accounts, you can choose a different color for each.

Screenshot of the "Set Appearance" page

You can also set a Day & Night theme. Decide if you'd rather see Basecamp in light mode or dark mode. If your computer is set to use light mode during the day and night mode when the sun sets, Basecamp can follow that too!

Out of office

Use the Out of Office feature to let people know when you're not available. Toggle the option to "I'm out" and choose the dates you'll be marked as unavailable:

How will my colleagues know that I'm out?
There are several ways in which we flag that you are out, and when you are coming back:

  • Person Card + Avatar: We place a yellow overlay with the word "OUT" on your avatar across the entire Basecamp account. When someone clicks on your picture (or initials), they'll see your out of office message dates.
  • Autocomplete: If someone types @yourname, the autocomplete will show that you are out and when you are coming back.

  • Your activity: If someone visits your activity page, they will see when you are out and when you are coming back.

Do I get notifications while I'm Out?

Out of Office doesn't affect your notifications. To limit your own notifications, you can change your notifications from the Notifications Settings screen. Here's the guide on that

Is there an auto-responder while out?

Out of Office is NOT an auto-responder. OOO is a visual way to communicate to other people that you're out, and when you'll be back.