How Notifications Work

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Notification Basics

You can always check Basecamp to see if there is an orange badge at the top. It indicates new things to read.

However, you may not want to check Basecamp all the time to look for something new. That's why Basecamp sends notifications to tell you something happened.

You can choose which projects to follow and be notified about

  • Follow projects you'd like to be notified about
  • Unfollow any project/team you don't need notifications about

You can get notifications via:

  • Email
  • Pop ups in your browser
  • On your phone or tablet

You can choose what type of notifications to receive

  • Everything (messages, comments, to-do assignments, events, etc.)
  • Only Pings and @mentions

Work Can Wait

  • Get notifications at all hours
  • Only get notifications during work hours with Work Can Wait

Clearing your notifications

To clear your notifications, hover over an orange badge to see the X icon. Or click "Mark all read" to clear them all at once.

You can also mark some notifications you've already seen as unread:

This is also possible in the Android app and the iOS app.

Don't Forget

Tucked between New For You and Previous Notifications is a section called Don't Forget. Set aside notifications that you don't want to lose track of!

When you hover to the right of a notification, you'll see a small button with a hand that has a string tied around a finger. Click on that and your notification will create a Don't Forget section. You can add both read and unread notifications to Don't Forget: 

Items stay in Don’t Forget until you decide you’re done with them—even if new comments roll in. 

If you’ve put something in Don’t Forget, we know it's something important that you don't want to fall through the cracks! So if a new comment rolls in, we will not move it back to New For You. That'll show up as something you haven't seen before, in the New For You section. If you go read it, it will not have an effect on what you've set aside in Don't Forget:

You can add most things in the Hey menu to Don’t Forget, but not everything. Items that can't be added to Don't Forget won't have the icon button on hover. The exceptions are:
  • Reminders
  • Check-in questions
  • Boosts reports
Want to remember something that's *not* in your Hey notification? You can also remember almost anything in Basecamp from the ••• menu all around the account. Here's an example of how you can remember a chat line in Campfire:

And here's an example of how it looks to remember a comment:

How to change your notification settings

Click your avatar in the upper-right to open the Me menu. At the top you'll see a link to  Change your notification settings.

That will take you to the settings screen.

Here are some details about each section of the settings screen. And, a quick way to get to more information on Focus Mode.

Email notifications

We bundle up notifications that happen within about 5 minutes of one another, to keep your inbox calm.

Here's how an email with combined to-do notifications looks:

Changing your email notification setting only affects notifications. It does not control other email reports that you may have enabled.

Those two reports are:

  • Latest activity, which can be turned on or off on the Latest activity page.
  • My assignments, which can be turned on or off on the My assignments page, reached via the My Stuff menu on your Home Screen.

You can continue to turn those on and off independently.

Please note that they'll remain on by default, even if you turn off email notifications altogether.

Browser notifications

Browser notifications pop up when Basecamp is open in a tab on your computer's browser. If the box is checked but you still aren't getting notifications, check your browser preferences to make sure they are allowed for Basecamp.

You can also adjust your notifications settings if you’re using the Mac desktop app.  Turn badges, banners, and alerts on or off through the notification settings on your computer.

Unread counts

You can tailor the notification badges to suit your needs. If you like seeing exactly how many unread items are inside each menu, simply check this box. Prefer seeing a small dot? Leave it unchecked. Whatever you choose, Basecamp will remember that preference on your mobile devices, too.

Phone and tablet notifications

You can take Basecamp with you! The mobile app can be downloaded to your phone or tablet. ( Need to download it?)

See what devices you have set up by clicking on your profile picture, then on "Change your notification settings." Under the "How?" section, you'll see what devices are set up. Here's how it looks when an iPad and an iPhone are both set up to receive notifications:

When notifications are enabled, they pop up on your phone or tablet:

To turn the notifications off in the mobile app, tap on your avatar, then tap on the gear ⚙️on the top left of the page. You can turn on/off notifications for all devices:

You could also click on My Devices and remove one of the devices from receiving notifications. This is a great place to test your device:

Everything or just pings and @mentions

Everything includes new messages, comments, Pings, to-do assignments, new events on the schedule, and automated check-ins. Choose  Only Pings and @mentions if you prefer to check Basecamp manually for new things, but still want to be notified if somebody specifically reaches out to you.

Notifications for events and dated to-dos

For all-day events in the Schedule, you'll get a reminder at 9 a.m. on the first day. For events with specific times, you'll get a notification one day before the event, and one hour before the start time. 

A Hey! notification the day before a scheduled event: 

A Hey! notification an hour before a scheduled event:

For to-dos with assigned due dates, the person (or people) assigned will get a reminder notification at 9:00 AM the day before the due date and again at 9:00 AM on the day it’s due.

For to-dos that span several days, they’ll get a reminder the day before the to-do starts, and one on the day it starts at 9:00 AM their time.

We’ll send a reminder for an overdue to-do a day after it’s late, and a week after it’s late:

Work Can Wait

Work Can Wait prevents notifications from bothering you after hours. Set your hours and choose the days that Basecamp is allowed to notify you.

If you'd like, Basecamp will send you a catch-up email or push notification of anything you missed while you were away from work. Just click the checkbox when you set your Work Can Wait hours.