Organize and Customize Your Home Screen

Make your Home page your own by organizing your projects in the way you like and adding colors.

🗒️ NOTE: All settings on this page are individual to you. Other users will not see how you organize your projects or the colors you have added.

Organizing your Projects

You can personalize your Basecamp Home screen by pinning your important projects and stacking similar projects. You'll see those pinned projects and project stacks at the top, followed by your recently visited projects. Up to 20 of these recent projects will be neatly organized in alphabetical order.

The changes you make won't be visible to others in your account, so go on — pin and stack your projects in a way that makes sense to you!


You can pin your projects for quick access, and there's no limit to the number of projects you can pin.

There are a few ways to pin projects to the top of your Home page:

  • Drag and drop a project from Recently visited to the top part of your Home page:

    GIF showing how you can pin a project by dragging and dropping it to up top

  • On the Home screen, click the gray pushpin in the upper right corner of a recently visited project:

GIF showing how to pin a project right from the Home screen

GIF showing how to pin projects from the project directory

  • From within a project, click the ••• menu, then Pin to Home:

GIF showing how you can pin a project from the More options menu in a project

Once projects pinned, they can be moved around your Home screen so they make sense for you. Drag and drop your pinned projects and project stacks into the order you want them.

Project stacks

In addition to pinning, you can organize your projects into tidy stacks. Project stacks sit alongside your pinned projects, up top, and you can move them around the same way you move projects.

To create a stack, drag a project on top of another:

GIF showing how to create a project stack by dragging and dropping projects on top of each other

You can drag a recently visited project on top of another to create a stack. This way, the new stack will move up top, and your projects will be pinned automatically.

To move a project out, open the stack and drag the project out of it:

GIF showing how to drag a project out of a project stack

Adding a Logo to Stacks

Once you've organized your projects into Stacks, add a logo to make the Stacks stand out from one another. To add a logo:

  1. Click on the Stack.
  2. Click the Stack Title to reveal the edit mode and click 'Choose an image' (or 'Replace image' if you want to add a different logo).

a screenshot of editing a stack title, with the 'Choose an image' option

Select your logo and click 'Save'

🗒️NOTE: The following filetypes are supported for Stack logos: JPG, PNG, WebP, AVIF.

How to Empty a Stack:

You can also empty a stack quickly and it will unpin all of the projects inside.

  1. Click the title of the stack to edit your Stack
  2. Click the Empty link at the bottom.
  3. All projects will be removed from the stack and unpinned:

GIF showing how to empty a stack by clicking the Empty stack link while editing a stack

How to Delete a Stack:

  1. Click the title of the Stack
  2. Click the 'Empty the Stack' link at the bottom of the Stack.
  3. Click 'Delete Stack'

NOTE: Project stacks cannot be created or edited on the iOS or Android apps.

Adding colors

Add colors to your Projects and Stacks!

  1. Hover over the Project or Stack card.
  2. Click the color wheel that appears and click the color you'd like:

A cropped screenshot of the

The colors look great in light and dark modes:

A screenshot of four project stacks with colors in light mode.

A screenshot of four project stacks with colors in dark mode

💡TIP: Combine colors with logos for a great visual appearance. To get these looking great in both light and dark mode, use a transparent PNG with a medium color value.