The Home Screen

The Home screen is a dedicated place for everything that's happening in your company. Here you'll see your top 12 cards. These could be projects, teams, or the HQ! When you pin a project, it'll show up on the Home page and you can rearrange them however you'd like — it's personal to what you want to see when you log in to Basecamp.

Adding a Project or Team

Click the button beneath your company logo to create a new projects, a new team, or access your templates.

Most companies have a few smaller teams, like Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, etc. Basecamp's teams are the perfect place for those groups to share ideas, ask each other questions, share stuff they’ve seen that their colleagues would appreciate, etc. Think of them like mini-HQs. These aren’t projects with beginning and end dates — they are perpetual spaces.

You’ll make a project for all the work you’re keeping track of in Basecamp. Think “website redesign,” “marketing campaign,” “fundraiser,” or anything else you’ve got cooking.

Setting up the Home screen

Your Home screen has room for 12 cards and here's where you'll see what you've interacted with lately. That could be a handful of projects, a couple of teams, the HQ, or anything you've pinned. The top 12 are always relevant and current for you.

Drag and drop your pinned cards into the order you want them:

There's no limit to the number of cards you can pin so if you need to see more than 12 on your Home Screen, go for it!

To pin a card, click on the pushpin in gray to the right of the project/team/HQ title. Click it again to un-pin it:

Just beneath your top 12, click on the link to View all active, archived, and deleted projects + teams:

Click on that to bring up a list of all of them and way to search:

Your Schedule & Your Assignments

On the lefthand side is Your Schedule where you can see a few upcoming events that you've been added to. It's not a still image! You can click around the calendar to see what you have going on today, next month, etc. 

Click on the "see all" link to navigate to your dedicated My Schedule page. 

On the righthand side is Your Assignments. Here's where you can quickly see what is due soon and what's been recently-assigned. You can also check off to-dos here!

Just like Your Schedule, you can click on the "see all" link to go to the full view of your assignments

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