The Home Screen

The Home screen is a dedicated place for everything that's happening in your company. Here you’ll see three sections for your company, teams, and all the projects you're working on. It looks like this:

Let's take a look at each section one-by-one.

Your Company HQ

At the top of the Home screen, you'll see the Jump menu a space for your logo, and your Company HQ.


Most companies have a few smaller teams, like Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, etc. Basecamp's teams are the perfect place for those groups to share ideas, ask each other questions, share stuff they’ve seen that their colleagues would appreciate, etc. Think of them like mini-HQs. These aren’t projects with beginning and end dates — they are perpetual spaces.


You’ll make a project for all the work you’re keeping track of in Basecamp. Think “website redesign,” “marketing campaign,” “fundraiser,” or anything else you’ve got cooking.

Setting up the Home screen

The three sections on the Home screen are optional. If you'd like to add or remove a section, click the 🔑Adminland link, choose "Set up what's shown on the Home screen," and toggle sections on or off.

Archived or deleted project links

At the very bottom of the Home Screen, you'll see a link to review any archived or deleted projects. Click that to restore or permanently delete them.

Note: Only account owners and admins can change what's shown on the Home screen.

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