Managing People

Administrators can add people, remove people, change their info, make groups of people, and update someone's project access. Here's how to do a few common tasks:

If you need to manage people, first head to Adminland by clicking on the  Home button, then clicking on the 🔑Adminland link in the upper right corner:

Screenshot of the Home screen with an arrow pointing at Adminland link in the upper right corner

From there you'll want to tap the   Add/remove people or change their access option:

Screenshot of the Adminland page with an arrow pointing at the "Add/remove people or change their access" link

Add someone new to this account

When you've got someone new you'd like to add to your account, this is the place to do it. Click the green button to  +Invite someone new to the account:

Everyone on the account page with 'Invite someone new' link highlighted.

You'll need to choose if they're someone at your company, someone from an outside company, or a client:

A screen showing the different types of people you can invite to your account

You can invite multiple people at one time by clicking the '+' button 

A screen showing inviting two users to the account

Once you click 'Email invitation now', we'll send an invite to those users and you can add them to multiple projects in bulk:

After that, you'll get the chance to add them to existing projects on the account, deciding if they should be on the project, or just follow it. These are called participation types and they make it easy to see who is:

On the project. This person's avatar shows up on the project card as well as the top of the project. They're automatically subscribed to Campfire chats.
Or just following. You won't see this person's avatar on the project card or at the top of the project. They also won't be auto-subscribed to Campfire chats.

Folks can change their participation type later so no worries if you're unsure which one to choose.

Change someone's info

Does a teammate or client contact have a new title? Or perhaps, someone made a typo when entering an email address? No worries, you can easily update their info.

Click the ••• menu button on the right. Then click the  Edit info:

Image of the "Add/Remove" people screen with the user menu highlighted.

When someone hasn't accepted their invitation yet, you can edit their:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Title
  • Company/organization
  • Time zone
  • And you can remove them from the account

But if they've already accepted their invitation, only they can update their name and email address. You can still edit their:

  • Title
  • Company/organization
  • Time zone
  • And remove them from the account

Make a group of people

Groups let you mention or assign multiple people at once.  You can add a group to a project or event, assign them a to-do, or @mention them in Campfire. To make a new group or manage the existing ones, select that option:

Learn more about groups in Basecamp:

Mentions and Groups →

Change what someone can access

If you need to add someone or remove them from a few (or a bunch) of projects at one time, this provides a quick way to tweak what someone can access. First, find the person and tap the ••• menu button on the right, then tap   Change access.

Image of the "Add/Remove" people screen with the user menu highlighted.

That'll take you to a screen where you can pick which projects or teams they can access.

You'll see the option to add the person to all archived projects at the very bottom of the page:

Remove someone from the account

When someone leaves the group — or if someone's added by mistake — you'll want to remove them from your Basecamp account, not just the projects they're a part of. Don't worry though, when you remove someone from your account everything they've posted to the account stays where it is.

First, find the person and tap the ••• menu button on the right. Then click   Edit info :

Image of the "Add/Remove" people screen with the user menu highlighted.

At the very bottom of the edit screen, click the link that reads  I want to remove ______ from this account...

Confirm that you're okay with all the effects of removing someone, then click the big red  Remove _____ completely button at the bottom to remove them:

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