@Mentions and Groups

When your Hey! menu is filled with items, it's easy to overlook important notifications. Want to draw someone's attention to something? Simply use the @mention feature. Any @mention stands out in the Hey! menu, ensuring it never goes unnoticed!

Screenshot of the Hey! menu with @mentions highlighted among other notifications

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Individual @mentions

Need to get a specific person’s attention? Use the @  symbol followed by their name or initials (no space in between) – Basecamp will suggest names to choose from, like this:

A screenshot of a comment box in Basecamp 4, with an @-mention.

Press the Tab or Return key (or click a person in the list) to mention them. They’ll receive a notification for the mention.


Need to involve designers or programmers or other groups of people all at once? If you are an admin or account owner, you can create such groups for non-client users in Adminland > Manage Groups:

Click the "+Make a new Group" button:

Then choose a name for the group and mention all non-client members you want to add to the group:

Once done, you can include all the group members by referring to the group name in any autocomplete field. You no longer need to type out every name one by one! All members of your account can mention a @group after it's created:

🗒️ NOTE: When you mention a group, it will only pull in the people who are currently in that group. If you add another person to this group later, they will not automatically be added to wherever the group has been already tagged. 

🗒️ NOTE: Groups will only be shown in the autocomplete when there is more than one user in the group to avoid conflicts with individual members.