What Clients Can See and Do

Note: If you're using Basecamp Personal, you won't be able to work with clients in projects — only those with Basecamp Monthly or Annual can.
When a client logs in, they'll see a project like your team does! The biggest difference is that they only see the items that have been made visible to them.

Clients can post comments, messages, events, to-dos, files, etc. like a regular/team user. For a full list of what clients can do, check out the page we have on Permissions in a Basecamp 3 account.

Here’s what's  different for Client Users:

  • They don't see any badges or borders calling out client visibility
  • They don't see the visibility flags calling out items that are visible
  • They can't publicly share items
  • They don't see Hill Charts
  • They can't create new projects
  • They can't add people to projects
  • They can't remove people from projects
  • They can't administrate a project
    • No editing a project's name, description, etc.
    • No modifying the Tools on a project
    • No setting up chatbots or webhooks on a project
    • No archiving or trashing a project
  • They don't see the HQ or the Teams section of the home screen
  • They can't be made Admins on the account
Note: Clients can't be added to your team and vice-versa. Once you've added someone to your team, you won't be able to use their email to add them as a client on another project. Likewise, if you've added someone to the client team, you won't be able to add them to your team on future projects.