Project types: All-access and Invite-only

Projects in Basecamp can be either All-access or Invite-only:

  • All-access projects make it easy for any of your coworkers to join your projects, without being manually invited. When you share a link to an item within such a project with any non-client user, they will automatically be added to the project as "Just following" once they click that link.
  • Invite-only projects are more restricted - only people who are explicitly invited can see such projects.

You can set the type of project while creating it. Set it to "All-access" to give your coworkers easier access:

Screenshot of the Choose who's on the project option where you can change the project type - Invite-only or All-access

You'll know if a project is All-access when it has the badge at the top left of the project:

Screenshot of a project page with an arrow pointing at the All-access badge in the upper left corner

When you want to share a message or file in your project with someone else, just copy and paste the link. Once they click the link, they will automatically be following that project and see the item you've shared. Not sure how to get a link to an item? Here's how!

NOTE: Only creator of a project, as well as account admins/owners, can change its type from Invite-only to All-Access, and vice versa.

Users can also join All-Access projects from the project directory. Click the "All-access" filter at the top, find the project you need, and click the project row or the "Join" button:

Screenshot of the All-access projects page in project directory

NOTE: Only users already on your account can use the All-access link to join a project. People who are not yet users cannot be invited to the account via a link. Clients can only be  invited manually to a project.