How do I ______ in Basecamp 3?

Switching from Basecamp 2 to 3 can be a bit disorienting. If you've ever found yourself asking "how do I do that in the new version?", then this page is for you! Here are the topics we'll cover — feel free to click one to jump straight to it!

In Basecamp 2 the "Files" section included all the files from my entire account, even those posted as part of a comment, message, or to-do. How do I see all my files in one place in Basecamp 3?

In Basecamp 3 you can see all your images, PDFs, files, etc. in one place too!

Click the "Find" link in the top navigation.
Then filter for just Files.
Bingo! there you'll find every single image, PDF, spreadsheet, etc. ever posted to your account. You can scroll down until you see the "See all results..." option to see a page dedicated to your search results.

In Basecamp 2 I used the loop-in feature to share a message, to-do, etc. with someone that wasn't on Basecamp. In Basecamp 3, how do I share something with someone without giving them full access?

In Basecamp 3, sharing a message, to-do list, document, etc. is as easy as sharing a link. Whoever has the link can see that item, but unlike Basecamp 2's loop-in feature, they won't see comments on the item, and won't be able to edit that item, or add their own comments.

Here's how to create a public link to share items with people outside the account:

Go to whatever you'd like to share and click the ••• menu at the top right of the page. Click on the option to   Get a public link

Confirm that you want to generate a public link, then copy the link to your clipboard. You can send it to anyone outside of the Basecamp account.

More on public sharing can be found in this guide.

Note: Public sharing is only available for paid accounts.

I loved how the calendar in Basecamp 2 let me see all the upcoming events across my projects in one place. In Basecamp 3, how do I see everything that's coming up on the schedule across all my Basecamp projects?

Basecamp 3 has several reports that are great for seeing things across all your Basecamps—including what's coming up on the schedule. Here's how to view the report:

First, click the  Activity link from the top navigation
Next, pick "the Upcoming Dates option. You'll see this:

In Basecamp 2 I used to click on someone's avatar or name to get to their "Me" page. It'd have their open assignments, recent activity, and all the files they've posted. How do I see all that in Basecamp 3?

Those "Me" pages were handy! In Basecamp 3, it's a little different, and depending on what you're looking for you'll want to do one of a few things. Let's start with the reports:

Start by clicking on the  Activity link from the top navigation
Pick Someone's Assignments or Someone's Activity to see a specific person.

Or, if you want to see all the messages, or to-dos, or files that someone posted, you'll want to head over to the  Find screen instead.

Click the "Find" link in the top navigation
Select the person who's stuff you want to see, and any additional filters to narrow it down.