How can I see all events in all of my projects and teams?

Start by clicking the  Activity link, up at the top of your page, then Upcoming Dates:

Here's where you'll see what's going on tomorrow, next week, to infinity and beyond. (Mostly.) You'll see the usual grid calendar and then the agenda-style list of your scheduled events and dated to-dos.

It's organized by date and you can see which team or project the event is a part of. 

Maybe best yet, you can subscribe to this single Upcoming Dates schedule instead of every project and team ever. 🙌You can do this in the same way you would for an individual project or team:

And in case you're curious here's more on how to use the schedule with your external calendar.

It isn't possible to add an event directly to Upcoming Dates. To create an event, you'll need to first head to a particular team or project's Schedule.