Switching Team Members and Clients

Only admins and account owners can change a team member to a client and vice versa. 

Start by clicking on Home, then on Adminland. Click the first option that says Add/remove people or change their access. First, find the person and tap the ••• menu button on the right, then tap  Change access.

Changing a regular team user into a client

This option will reduce what a person is able to do in the account. To see a full list of what they will and won't be able to do, please click here

Clients cannot be on any teams, so they'll be removed from those workspaces (unless those teams are switched to projects beforehand). They will also lose access to any projects on the account that do not have client access enabled. If you would like to enable that client-access, this is the guide to follow — no need to add users, just the client company name.

Note: If you have quite a lot of people on the account that need to be changed from team members to clients, please reach out to the support team so we can lend a hand behind the scenes.

Changing a client into a regular team user

You'll have the option here to change a client into a regular team user, increasing the things they're able to do. For a full list of what a team member (non-client) can do, click here

Read through the important information on this next page and click on the button that says "Change Jared into a regular team user."

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