Move the Needle

Show everyone how your project is going with Move the Needle. This sits at the top of your project, and makes it possible to show how far along the project is and highlights if there are risks:

A screenshot of the top of a project page with a Needle at the top of the project.

New projects show the needle by default. To add it to an existing project use the toggle on the Edit project details page under the ••• menu at the top right of the project.

If your account has the Admin Pro Pack and is limiting who can edit project details, only admins, account owners, and project creators can enable or disable the Needle.

The needle

The needle is always visible at the top of the project when enabled. The large Needle shows the current status, and the thinner line shows the needle’s previous position:

A screenshot of a project page with a gauge at the top of the project. Red arrows and text point to the current status and previous status of the project.

Move The Needle

When it's time to reevaluate the status of a project, any Team or Outside user in the project can move the needle. To move the needle, mouse over it and click Move the Needle . Drag the needle left or right to indicate the new estimation, select how the project is going (Green, Yellow or Red), and describe why you moved the needle.

You can change the colors on the gauge to indicate if the project is moving along as expected (Green), encountering some risks (Yellow) or if there are some serious concerns about progress (Red).

Screenshot of the

When you select Save this update , the people you select will be notified that the Needle has been moved and the change appears in the project history.

Working with a Client? The Needle will be hidden from Clients by default. To make the Needle visible to Clients, just click the "Move the Needle" button and then the "Change..." link on the Client visibility banner located on the top-left.

Needle History

Click the Updated date link at the bottom of the needle to view the full history of changes. You'll see every update to the Needle:

Mission Control

See all the needles across all your projects from Mission Control, available from your Activity link in the top toolbar.

A screenshot of Mission Control with 6 project gauges.

To see the needles from only a subset of your projects, you can open Mission Control from a Project Stack on the Home Page:

A stack of two projects with a red square highlighting the