Manage storage

If you're running low on storage, want to free space, or just keep an eye on your file storage use, you can easily do that in this section of Adminland.

NOTE: Only Account Owners can manage storage.

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Storage limits and warnings

Your storage capacity depends on the plan you're on.

If you are nearing a storage threshold for your account (90%+), Owners and Admins will receive an email notification and see an Orange banner on the Home screen:

Screenshot of the Home screen with the orange banner under the company logo

If your account is over the storage limit (100%+), Owners and Admins will receive an email notification about it. All of the account members (including Clients) will also see a Red banner on the Home screen and in Adminland:

Screenshot of the Home screen with the red banner under the company logo

The owners will be able to add more storage, other users can contact an account owner straight away.

⚠️ WARNING: If you're still over the limit after 30 days, we'll automatically add an extra 1 TB of storage space for $50/month, so you can continue using Basecamp without interruption. If you have any questions, contact our support team.

Freeing space

If you received a storage warning, but don't want to purchase more storage yet, you can remove old files to free some space. To do that, go to Adminland > Manage storage:

Screenshot of the Adminland with the red arrow pointing at the Manage storage option under the Account Owners' actions

You can see the account's storage status and a list of the largest files across all projects in your account:

Screenshot of the Manage storage page showing how much storage is used and the list of the largest files

When you upload a new version of a file, only the latest file's size is tracked.

To free space, click the file you don't need. You'll be taken to the project and see that file in context. If you no longer need it, move it to Trash. If you try to access a file in a project you don't have access to, you'll see a prompt to confirm that you want to join it.

Remember, archived projects still take up storage space. If you trash a whole project, you'll quickly see your storage usage go down.

NOTE: Uploads in Pings and Chats are included in storage calculation, but you won't be able to see them in the list. Admins and Owners can set the data retention rules for Pings and Chat in Adminland.

Adding more storage

The cost of additional storage is 1TB for $50/month.

To add more storage, go to Adminland > Manage storage > Add more storage, or click the "Add more storage" on the banner. You will see the cost breakdown and payment schedule. Click the "Buy storage" and you are all set!

Screenshot of the Buy more storage page where you can see the cost breakdown and payment schedule

NOTE: Adding more storage doesn't affect the other features of your current plan in any way. The additional storage acts like an add-on to your account plan — you can upgrade or downgrade your account plan and the additional storage will not be modified.

To remove the additional storage, simply go to Adminland > Manage storage > Manage additional storage > Remove storage.