Adding Clients

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Note: If you're using Basecamp Personal, you won't be able to work with clients in projects — only those with Basecamp Monthly or Annual can.

To invite clients into your projects, head to the people page of a project. You'll see the option to invite a client to the project:

Type the client company name, hit enter, then add any client contacts you'd like to invite to this project.

After you add the client, you'll see them highlighted at the top of the people page for that project:

Because content in client projects starts off as private to your team by default, client users won't see anything in the project until content has been made visible to them. You'll need to switch the visibility of each item you want clients to see.

Switching team members and clients

Only admins and account owners can change a team member to a client and vice versa. If that's you, follow this guide to change people on your team to clients, and vice versa.

Changing the client company name

If you'd like to change the name of the client company you're working with at any point, look beneath the names of everyone on the project:

Know that changing the client on this project won’t affect the client people you’ve already added, it only changes the client company labels throughout the project.

Type the new client name in, hit enter, and save your changes:

Adding clients from multiple companies to one project

When you need to work with clients from different companies in a single project, you'll need to choose a neutral client company name. Something like "All Clients" tends to work.

When you add clients to this project that are already part of your Basecamp account, they retain the company name that they had before. 

In this example, Jayne and Kristin are still a part of the client company called Coffee House. Testing Person is still a part of the Shockwave Scholars client company:

When you add clients to this project that are totally new to your account, they'll be given the neutral client company name:

Fear not, this is adjustable in Adminland. An admin or account owner will need to edit this person in Adminland. The guide is here!

You can find the full guide to working with clients in Basecamp here.