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You’ll find links to your to-do assignments, bookmarks, drafts, and recent activity at the top of your screen, under "My Stuff."

Screenshot of the Home screen with an arrow pointed at the

When you open My Stuff, you'll see links to your assignments, bookmarks, schedule, drafts, recent activity, and boosts.

At the bottom of the menu, you'll see some of your recent places, and the option to use the Jump menu to find other items.

Screenshot of the opened My Stuff menu. You see links to your assignments, bookmarks, schedule, drafts, recent activity, and boosts.

Learn more about each item in the My Stuff menu:

My Assignments

Unsure about your next task? Take a look at My Assignments to view all the tasks assigned to you.

To prioritize your workload, you can shift some assignments to Up Next by clicking the ↑ arrow button beside a to-do, card, or a step (or click  to move it back down if it's no longer a priority):

Screenshot of the My Assignments page demonstrating how to add new tasks to Up Next section

In addition, you can easily change the order of tasks in Up Next by just dragging and dropping them around.

When you have assignments in Up Next, Your Assignments section on the Home screen will show your priorities (if you don't have anything in Up Next, it will appear as it was before - stuff due soon and recently assigned):

Cropped screenshot of the Your Assignments section on the Homescreen with the tasks that are Up Next

🗒️ NOTE: What's in your Up Next is only visible to you (anyone viewing your assignments will still see your assigned tasks organized by project.)

If you've got assignments with due dates, you can easily see those by clicking the tab labeled  My Assignments with dates.

Screenshot of the

You'll also see a tab for to-dos and cards you've assigned to other people:

Screenshot of the

Weekly My Assignments email

Every Monday morning, Basecamp will send you an email report that lists all your open assignments (unless you have completed everything). This report will provide you with details on what's Up Next, overdue, and what's scheduled for the upcoming week. It will also include information on all your other assignments as well:

Screenshot of a weekly My Assignments email showing what's Up Next, overdue, and what's scheduled for the upcoming week

If you'd like to turn off this weekly email, you can just click the link to  turn this email off  at the bottom of the email. Or you can go to your My assignments  page and click the button that says Emailing my assignments every Monday morning . Want it back? Just click the button again!

My Bookmarks

Click the “Bookmark” link from the ••• options menu at the top righton any to-do list, doc, message, etc. in Basecamp and it’ll show up on the My Bookmarks page for easy reference.

See more at 🔗 Bookmarks

Screenshots of the

Bookmarks are yours alone — the pages you choose to bookmark are specific to you.

My Schedule

Looking for what you've got on your schedule? Check out My Schedule to see those events you're part of along with your upcoming to-dos.

It isn't possible to add an event directly to My Schedule. To create an event, you'll need to first head to a particular project's Schedule.

To sync your events and dated to-do assignments with Google Calendar or another external calendar program, click the Subscribe button on your My Schedule page. Follow the instructions to subscribe with your Google Calendar, or click the links to launch iCal/Outlook.

When you subscribe to My Schedule, you'll see dates that go 1 month back, and 18 months forward.

This is different than an individual project schedule, which goes 2 years back, and 5 years forward. And different from Upcoming Dates which goes 1 month back, and 3 months forward.

My Drafts

If you worked on a document or message but did not yet publish it, go to "My Drafts" in the My Stuff menu to find all your drafts in that account. You'll be able to reopen and continue editing, post them immediately, or trash them. 

Screenshots of the

My Recent Activity

Need a refresher on everything you’ve accomplished lately? To get an overview of everything you’ve done recently, click  My Recent Activity   in the My Stuff menu.

Screenshot of the

You’ll see everything you’ve done in a timeline, broken down by Projects.

Screenshot of the

You can run this report for someone else too!

My Boosts

When you post something to Basecamp, others can react with Boosts. Only you will be notified about your own boosts. You'll get the notification about every 3 hours as long as there are new Boosts to report—otherwise Basecamp won't send the notification.

When you click My Boosts (or that notification), you’ll see all your boosts, ordered by date:

Screenshot of the

You can also unsubscribe from the boosts notifications, if you prefer. Just hit the button in the top-right corner of the page above.

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