My Stuff

You’ll find links to your to-do assignments, bookmarks, drafts, and recent activity right on the Home Screen.

Learn more about each:

My Assignments

Not sure what to work on next? Check out My Assignments to see everything that's been assigned to you. If you've got assignments with due dates, you can easily see those by clicking the tab labeled  My Assignments with dates.

Weekly My Assignments email

Basecamp also sends you an email report of your open assignments every Monday morning (unless you've completed everything). The report will let you know what's overdue, what's coming up this week, and it'll lay out all your other assignments too!

If you'd like to turn off this weekly email, you can just click the link to  turn this email off at the bottom of the email. Or you can go to your My assignments page and click on the button that says Emailed to you every Monday morning. Want it back? Just click the button again!

Stuff I've assigned

You can also check to see if tasks you've assigned have been completed. Click  Stuff I've assigned to see.

My Bookmarks

Click the “Bookmark” button on any to-do list, doc, message, etc. in Basecamp and it’ll show up on the My Bookmarks page for easy reference.

Bookmarks are yours alone — the pages you choose to bookmark are specific to you.

My Schedule

Looking for what you've got on your schedule? Check out My Schedule to see those events you're part of along with your upcoming to-dos.

To sync your events and dated to-do assignments with Google Calendar or another external calendar program, click the Subscribe button on your My Schedule page. Follow the instructions to subscribe with your Google Calendar, or click on the links to launch iCal/Outlook.

My Drafts

If you worked on a doc or message but did not yet publish it to a Basecamp, go to your  Saved Drafts section to find all your drafts across all your Basecamps in that account.

My Recent Activity

Need a refresher on everything you’ve accomplished lately? To get an overview of everything you’ve done recently, click  My Recent Activity below My Stuff on your Home Screen.

You’ll see everything you’ve done in a timeline, broken down by Team, Project, or HQ.

You can run this report for someone else too!

My Boosts

When you post something to Basecamp, others can react with  Boosts. Only you will be notified about them!

You'll get that notification about every 3 hours as long as there’s something new to report—otherwise Basecamp won’t notify you.

Why every 3 hours? 

We think it’s the perfect amount of time: infrequent enough that you won’t be bombarded about little responses, but frequent enough that you won’t miss anything for too long.

When you click on My Boosts (or that notification), you’ll see all your boosts, ordered by date:

You can also unsubscribe from the boosts notifications, if you prefer. Just hit the button in the top-right corner of the page above.

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