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The very top of your Basecamp account stays put no matter where you go! You're always one click away from your Home screen, your Pings and your Hey! notifications. You can easily review any account activity and find things in the account.


The Home screen is a dedicated place for everything that's happening in your Basecamp account. There are three sections of focus: the company headquarters (HQ!), teams, and projects. It looks like this:

Full details on the home screen can be found here.


The Basecamp logo in the top left corner of the page is your Launchpad. If you've joined several Basecamp accounts with the same email address, you'll be able to quickly switch from one account to another by clicking on that icon. 

Full details on switching between accounts can be found here.


Pings are like direct messages — they’re direct conversations with other users in the account. They’re not tied to any Teams or Projects in the account. All your Pings can be accessed from the top navigation bar.

Full details on Pings can be found here.


The Hey! stack at the very top and middle of your Basecamp account collects all of your notifications about the happenings in any workspace you are a part of (Projects, Teams, HQ).

You can always check Basecamp to see if there is an orange badge at the top for any notifications. It indicates new things to read!

Full details on the Hey! menu are here.


You can click on the Activity section at any time to see, of course, the activity in the account. You can also access all of the report options in the account from this section of the navigation bar.

Full details on activity and reports are here.

🔍 Find

This is the best way to find something in your Basecamp account! When you click on the Find option at the top of the page, you'll be able to search for specific terms. You can also narrow down your search results: search for things posted by a particular person, posted in a particular work space, or search by the type of post you're looking for.

Full details on finding and searching are here

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