The Home Screen

The Home screen is a dedicated place for everything that's happening in your company. Click to dive into:

Your Home screen is where you'll see your project stacks, recently-visited projects, and any that you have pinned. When you pin a handful of projects, they'll show up on the Home screen and you can rearrange them however you'd like — it's personal to what you want to see when you log in to Basecamp. Here's a short video walkthrough of the Home Screen:

Screenshot of a Home screen of a Basecamp account with projects

Your Home screen looks much better with your logo on it! First you'll need an image file to upload. We recommend using a PNG image with a transparent background, but any JPEG or GIF will do just fine too.

To add a logo:

  1. Hover over your account name
  2. Click the "Replace your logo" button
  3. Drag your file to the "Add your logo" space or click it to select a file on your computer
  4. Click the "Save" button to save your changes:

Not seeing a logo option? That usually means you're not an admin — you'll want to have one of your admins upload that logo for you.

Changing your logo

If you'd ever like to change your logo after you've added one, hover your mouse over the current logo. A small gear icon will appear. Click it! 

You can add your new logo to that space, or choose to display your company name instead:

Creating a Project

Click the button under your company logo to create a new project:

Top of Home Screen with buttons to make a new project or Invite people

You’ll make a project for all the work you’re keeping track of in Basecamp. Think “website redesign,” “marketing campaign,” “fundraiser,” or anything else you’ve got cooking.

A screenshot of the project creation pop-up, with fields for the project name and options to make it Invite-only or All-access.

Learn more about All-access projects →

Deleting, Archiving, or Renaming a Project

Archive or delete a project

When a project is completed or no longer needed, you can archive it for safe keeping. Archived Projects can’t be modified, but they can be viewed.

Everything stays just as you left it, and you can unarchive a project at any time. If you want a project removed entirely, you can delete it. Click the project then on  ••• in the project to do this:

Then you can decide if you'd rather archive the project or delete it:

Rename a project

Click into the project you want to rename and then click the ••• menu at the top right of the page. Choose the option that says  Edit project details .

Make any changes you’d like to the name or description, then click the   Save changes  button.

Your Schedule & Your Assignments

You can find Your Schedule on the left hand side under the pinned and recently visited projects. This is where you can see a few upcoming events that you've been added to. It's not a still image! You can click around the calendar to see what you have going on today, next month, etc.

Click the "see all" link to navigate to your dedicated My Schedule page.

On the right-hand side, you'll find Your Assignments. This is where you can see what's "Up Next" or what's due soon, as well as recently assigned tasks. You can also tick off tasks right there as you complete them.

Just like Your Schedule, you can click the "see all" link to go to the full view of your assignments:

Two cropped screenshots side by side. Left screenshot shows the

Seeing All Projects in a Directory

Near the top of the Home screen, there's a link to view all projects at one time in one list. Click the  View all in a list  button to view the directory:

You'll get to a view that includes all active, pinned, client, all-access, archived and deleted projects. There are filters at the top of the page to see all of them, see only pinned projects, just projects, projects with clients only, projects with all-access, or all the inactive — archived and trashed projects.

There's also a search bar at the top! When you start to type what you're looking for, our system will search for matches in the titles as well as the descriptions of your workspaces. You can search everything by clicking on A-Z, or narrow things down by choosing a filter in addition to your search terms.

In this example, these are all the results for the search term "Gala" for all projects:

Your account will also remember what you last searched so if you find it useful to see your pinned cards in a list, you'll go right to the pinned section every time you return to the directory:

A screenshot of a list of pinned projects

Using the Jump Menu

Need to quickly jump between projects, people, and pages? The jump menu is great for that!

It’s as easy as hitting  Command + J (Mac) or Ctrl + J (Windows). The jump menu will pop up and you can start typing to narrow down on the project, person, or page. Click or hit Enter on the selection and you’ll jump right to where you want to go.

Customizing Your Home Screen

Organize your projects into Stacks, pin the most important projects to the top of your screen, and add colors to give them visual pop. See more: Customizing Your Home Screen 🔗→

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