Organizing Your Home Screen

A few tips and tricks when it comes to keeping the Home page organized. 

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Have a few Projects and Teams you're working in all the time? Pin them for quick access! On your Home Screen, click the  ... in the upper right corner of that Project or Team card.

You’ll then see a quick menu where you can rename, archive/delete, or pin that project!

You’ll see your pinned Teams and Projects at the top of their section.

Organizing by numbering and grouping

Group your Projects by adding a prefix to the title. Projects that begin with uppercase letters will be displayed before Projects with lowercase letters.

Numbering works a bit differently than you might expect. Basecamp reads numbers digit by digit, not as a whole number. (Just like the Dewey Decimal System!) So projects that start with "11,” "102,” and “233” will be sorted like this:

You could also use emojis 🌵in your naming conventions to group projects together:

The Jump Menu

Need to quickly jump between projects and teams? The jump menu is great for that!

It’s as easy as hitting Command-J (Mac) or Ctrl-J (Windows). The jump menu will pop up and you can start typing to narrow down on the person, project, team, or your company HQ. Click or hit Enter on the selection and you’ll jump right to where you want to go.

Customizing your Projects

Basecamp 3 lets you organize your Projects in whichever way makes the most sense for your team. Don't need any to-do lists on this particular project? Don't enable the to-do tool. Want to keep all your puppy gifs in the same place? Drag them into their own  dedicated folder in the Docs & Files tool. Every project is unique!

Here's a project with just four tools turned on:

To rearrange your tools in the order that makes the most sense for the Project, click and drag them into their new location.

Wish you could rename the tools? You can! Tailor each Project or Team to the type of work you're doing, the client you're working with, or just to make it feel more like home.

Delete, archive, or rename a Project

Archive or delete a project: When a project is completed or no longer needed, you can archive it for safe keeping. Archived Projects can’t be modified, but they can be viewed. 

It's important to note that the files in them do count toward your file storage limit. Everything stays just as you left it, and you can unarchive a project at any time. If you want a project removed entirely, you can delete it. Click  ... in the project to do this.

Rename a project: Click into the project or team workspace you want to rename and then click on the ••• menu at the top right of the page. Choose the option that says Edit name, description, type.

Make any changes you’d like to the name or description, then click the  Save changes button.

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