Basecamp for Android

We built Basecamp to be fully featured and perfectly at home on Android. Note: The Basecamp - Project Management app requires Android 9.0 and above

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The Home Screen

The Basecamp Home screen shows your Projects. Tap on a project card to see all tools available: Messages, To-dos, Chats, and more. If you have a lot of Basecamp projects, tap the "Jump to a project..." bar and type the first few letters of the thing you’re looking for.

You can also see a visual timeline of your projects that have start and end dates. Just tap Lineup to see what was just worked on, what's in play now, and what's coming up next in your project. 

Hey! and Pings

Next to Home is Hey!. You’ll see a badge on Hey! any time you have new Messages, To-dos, Chat, or Ping notifications. You'll see all of your Ping conversations here too! Tap on a new Ping message notification or an existing Ping conversation to continue the conversation or tap on "New Ping" to start a new private chat with others in Basecamp.

Screenshots of the Hey! and new Ping conversation screens

Latest Activity

Tap Activity next to Hey! to view the latest activity across all your projects in Basecamp. Here you’ll see all the messages, to-dos, comments, and files added even when you’re not participating in the conversations. It’s a passive way to see what's happening in Basecamp. You can also look into specific activity like "Overdue to-dos" or "Upcoming dates" by tapping the 'Activity' drop-down menu located at the top of the screen.

Screenshots of the Activity screen and 'Activity' drop-down menu


Tap Find next to Activity to search for anything in Basecamp. Just start typing in the the top search bar to find anything matching a particular term, phrase, or filename. By default, this will search for matches across all your Projects, Pings, and Files. Tap the Filter icon to quickly narrow your results down by selecting a filter. Just click the dropdown and select what you're looking for. This will also show you areas of Basecamp you recently visited. Tap the title to get back to that screen.

Screenshots of the Find screen and filter drop-down menu options

My Stuff

My Stuff is where you can see your To-dos, Bookmarks, Schedule, Drafts, Recent Activity, and Boosts. Tap "Personal Settings" to update your profile, manage the devices you use with Basecamp, update your Notification and Device Settings, log out of Basecamp, and more.

There isn't a way to subscribe to Schedules via the Android app right now due to Google's restrictions. The Google Calendar app does not allow adding subscriptions to outside calendars, so we don't share that link in the Android app for now. You can subscribe via the Desktop app or browser, which should sync to your Google Calendar app.

Screenshots of the My Stuff and "Personal Settings" screen


Basecamp notifies you anytime someone comments on a thread you’re part of, “@mentions” you, or Pings you. When the Basecamp - Project Management app is installed on your Android device, you’ll get notifications there instead of emails. You’ll be prompted to allow notifications when you first open Basecamp. You can enable or disable notifications later in Settings.

NOTE: You won’t get Android notifications if you have Basecamp open on your desktop web browser, Mac, or Windows apps.

When you get a Ping notification you can “Reply” without needing to open the Basecamp app. 

Screenshot of a Ping push notification on an Android phone

Basecamp also allows you to set up a schedule to only be notified during working hours or turn off notifications completely. Manage these settings from your Android device while on the go by tapping My Stuff, "Personal Settings," then tapping “Basecamp settings.” Work can wait!

Screenshots of the "Basecamp settings" screen


Accidentally clicked on a notification? You can mark it as unread by scrolling down to your "Previous notifications,"  locating the notification, swiping left, and tapping "Mark as Unread." You can also do this for Ping notifications!

Notification Problems

Tap "Personal Settings" located on the My Stuff screen, then tap to toggle push notifications on and off, in order to reset the notification setting for your Android. 

Screenshot of the "Personal Settings" screen with an arrow pointing to the on/off switch for push notification

More than one account

If you have more than one Basecamp account, you can tap on the account name in the title bar located at the top of the Home screen to switch accounts.

NOTE: Only Basecamp 4 accounts associated with the email address you’re currently signed in with will be listed.


Adminland is the place to make administrative changes to your account like adding someone new, removing someone from the account, or changing which package your on. Everyone can see Adminland, but only Admins & Owners can actually make changes. Tap the overflow menu on the Home screen and select Adminland.

NOTE: Updating billing information isn't available on the app. You'll need to access Adminland on a web browser to make those updates.

Tips and Tricks

You can “@mention” people in comments, messages, and Chats. To do this just start by typing the “@” symbol and a few letters of the person’s first name. This will notify them in Basecamp. You can also tap a person’s profile picture anywhere in the Basecamp Android app to see that person’s profile.


Enjoy the convenience of viewing your upcoming events and due assignments right on your Home screen with a Basecamp widget! You can easily resize it and even add multiple instances for different accounts. No need to open the app!

To add the Basecamp widget to your Home Screen:

  1. On a Home screen, touch and hold an empty space.
  2. Tap "Widgets."
  3. Touch and hold a Basecamp widget. You'll see images of your Home screens.
  4. Slide the widget to your desired location and lift your finger.

To resize a widget:

  1. Touch and hold the widget on your Home screen.
  2. Lift your finger. If the widget can be resized, an outline with dots on the sides will appear.
  3. Drag the dots to resize the widget.
  4. When you're done, tap outside the widget to finish resizing.

Copy a specific URL or link

Need to share a URL or link? Just tap the more options menu "•••" located on the top right, select "Share," and tap "Copy." 

Android Wear

Basecamp notifications are fully compatible with Android Wear devices. Currently, only notifications are supported on Android Wear; there is no Basecamp for Android Wear app at this time.

Samsung Keyboard

There is a known issue with the Grammarly integration on Samsung's default keyboard. If you are experiencing problems with @mentions in the Android app, we suggest switching to Gboard - the Google Keyboard or disabling the Grammarly integration on your Samsung keyboard:

Use Gboard - the Google Keyboard

Open Settings on your Android phone.
Go to System > Languages & input.
Tap On-screen keyboard.
Toggle on Gboard and toggle off the default.

Tap OK when prompted.

These keyboard settings can be in a different place on your Samsung phone, so please make sure to check Settings > General management > Keyboard list and default as well.

Turn off the Grammarly integration on your Samsung keyboard

Open Settings on your Android phone. 
 Search for Samsung Keyboard
Tap  Suggest Text Corrections.
Switch off English. 
Then, go back to the previous screen (Samsung Keyboard settings), scroll down to Select third-party content to use and click it, then disable Grammarly.