Lineup is an amazing visual timeline showing you what was just worked on, what's in play now, and what projects are coming up next:

Screenshot of the Basecamp Lineup page with 6 projects in the lineup

The vertical green line marks today, no matter if you're looking at a project or at the Lineup page. This helps you get a sense of how much time has passed since the project started and how long until it ends.

Adding start and end dates to a project will add a lineup tracker that's visible at the top of the project page so everyone is on the same page.

Screenshot of the project page with an arrow pointing at the project start/end dates at the top (it's shown only if you add start/end dates to a project)

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The Lineup view

You can see all projects with start and end dates in one place and easily get there from any page in your Basecamp account. Click the Lineup at the top of the page:

Screenshot of the Top navigation with the Lineup option highlighted

Here's where you'll see all of your projects plotted on a visual timeline. The Lineup has 13 weeks visible at one time. You'll see 6 weeks in the past, 6 weeks ahead, and the current week in the center. The line for today is always centered so every day, all elements on the page move a little bit to the left, to the past. 

Some projects start or end before the dates you can see on the Lineup. No problem! You'll see exactly what date the project started just above the project title. In the example below, you can see that one of these projects began on the 19th of April. Another project ends on the 30th of August:

Screenshot of the main Lineup view with several projects

You can understand at a glance who is on the project - the avatars of people with that participation type will show on the current projects in your Lineup. They won't show up on the past projects or those scheduled to start in the future, allowing you to stay focused.

What about shorter projects? Also not a problem! You'll see this project on your timeline, it'll just be smaller than other, longer projects:

Screenshot of the Lineup page where you can see a short project (the one that lasts only 5 days).

Skip to previous or future weeks in the Lineup by using the buttons at the top left and right of the Lineup:

A screenshot of the top of a Lineup in Basecamp with arrows pointing toward the

Go back to Today by clicking on the button in the center of the Lineup:

A screenshot of the Lineup with an arrow pointing toward the

Project order

Any project that is happening today followed by projects coming up, then finally projects that have ended:

Screenshot of the Lineup page where you can see the project order. Today is in the middle of the page, the project to the left are the projects in the past, the projects in the middle are the current projects, and the projects on the right are the ones in the future.

Adding start and end dates

To get started, click the ••• menu to the right of your project title, then choose "Edit project details":

A screenshot of the ••• menu in a project with the

Here you'll be able to set the start and end date for your project, or remove dates entirely if they're already there:

Screenshot of the

Head back to the project page and above the project name there'll be a new tracker with this information. At a glance you can see where you are in the project timeline:

Screenshot of the project page where you can see the project start and end dates at the top

If your project has not started, you'll see that indicated in the tracker:

Screenshot of the project page where you can see start and end dates at the top. If the start date is in the future, you see

Similarly, if your project has ended, you'll see that indicated in the tracker:

Screenshot of the project page where you can see start and end dates at the top. If the end date is in the past, you see

Changing project dates

Just as you added project start and end dates, you can adjust those from within the project. You could also adjust these dates from the Lineup page!

Click one of the dates and a calendar picker will appear. Choose the new start or end date and your project will adjust itself on the Lineup accordingly:

GIF showing how you can adjust the start and end dates for a project right from the Lineup page

Adding markers

NOTE: Only owners and admins are able to add markers to the Lineup.

Markers are a handy and straightforward feature in the Lineup, perfect for highlighting significant company-wide dates and milestones. To add a marker, click the "Add marker" button at the top of the page:

Screenshot of the Lineup page with a Add a marker to the Lineup pop-up. One red arrow is pointing at the Add marker button, the second is pointing at the pop-up

Fill out the Title and marker date, hit Save, and voila:

Screenshot of the main Lineup view where you can several projects and three markers - Meet-up on May 8, Cooldown on June 12, and Cycle 3 on June 26

All markers are single day and their length at the top is related to how long the title is. Need to edit the title, change the date, or remove a marker entirely? Just click the marker and make the necessary changes.

At 37signals we use markers to highlight cycles, cooldowns, meet-ups, and dates important to the whole company.

Enjoy your Lineups!

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