Lineup is an amazing visual timeline showing you what was just worked on, what's in play now, and what's coming up next in your project. 

The vertical green line marks today, no matter if you're looking at a project or at the Lineup page. This helps you get a sense of how much time has passed since the project started and how long until it ends.

Adding start and end dates to a project will add a lineup tracker that's visible at the top of the project page so everyone is on the same page.

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Note: This is for projects only! You cannot add start and end dates to teams.

The Lineup view

You can see all projects with start and end dates in one place and easily get there from any page in your Basecamp account. Click on Lineup at the top of the page:

Here's where you'll see all of your projects plotted on a visual timeline.  The Lineup has 13 weeks visible at one time. You'll see 6 weeks in the past, 6 weeks ahead, and the current week in the center. The line for today is always centered so every day, all elements on the page move a little bit to the left, to the past. 

Some projects start or end before the dates you can see on the Lineup. No problem! You'll see exactly what date the project started just above the project title. 

In the example below, you can see that one of these projects began on the 25th of October. Another project ends on the 8th of March:

What about shorter projects? Also not a problem! You'll see this project on your timeline, it'll just be smaller than other, longer projects:

Project order

Any project that is happening today followed by projects coming up, then finally projects that have ended.

Adding start and end dates

To get started, click on the ••• menu to the right of your project title, then choose "Edit project details."

A screenshot of the ••• menu in a project

Here you'll be able to set the start and end date for your project, or remove dates entirely if they're already there:

A screenshot of the 'edit details' page of a project.

Head back to the project page and above the project name there'll be a new tracker with this information. At a glance you can see where you are in the project timeline.

If your project has not started, you'll see that indicated in the tracker:

Similarly, if your project has ended, you'll see that indicated in the tracker:

Changing project dates

Just as you added project start and end dates, you can adjust those from within the project. You could also adjust these dates from the Lineup page!

Click on one of the dates and a calendar picker will appear. Choose the new start or end date and your project will adjust itself on the Lineup accordingly:

Enjoy your Lineups!

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