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When you post a new item or a comment on an existing one, Basecamp 3 lets you choose which other people to notify. Click on the  Add/remove other people link at the bottom of the page to send a notification alerting folks to new content.

Tick the boxes next to people’s names to select whom to notify (or use the select everyone/select no one links up top), then select either the option to wait until the next comment is posted to send the notification, or send everyone the item right away. Hit Save changes, and that becomes the new default for who gets notified on any new posts to the thread.

You cannot start or stop other people from receiving notifications for a check-in. You can add or remove other people from being asked a check-in question. Adding someone to a check-in will automatically subscribe them to new answers on that question.

Participation types

There are two ways that non-clients can participate in a project, team, or company HQ. It makes it easy to see who is:

On the project. This person's avatar shows up on the project card as well as the top of the project. 
Or just following. You won't see this person's avatar on the project card or at the top of the project. 
Both have full access to the project, both can participate as they'd like! 

You can adjust your own or someone else's participation type after inviting them by clicking on the option to the right of their name.

Campfire notifications are separate from the 'Just following' designation. You can stop notifications for Campfires separately.  

Receiving and opting out of notifications

Campfire: Click the ••• menu in the upper right corner of the Campfire tool and then Notify me when people chat when you want to keep up with the conversation in any given project, team, or HQ. The counter next to Campfires in your Hey! menu will indicate the number of new posts to the rooms you follow. Click Stop notifying me in the same place when you no longer want to see those.

Automatic check-in questions: If you don't need to be notified when other people answer a check-in, you can unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of an email notification:

You can also unsubscribe from answers to that question via the menu in the upper right corner:

Everything else: Anywhere you can add a comment (like to-do lists, comments on automatic check-ins, messages, and so on), you can elect to receive notifications for future posts to the thread by clicking the Subscribe me button at the bottom of the page.

Click the  Unsubscribe me button when the conversation devolves into something utterly ridiculous and you are just trying to get some work done, for crying out loud, doesn't anyone have anything better to do around here:

You can also opt out of specific threads by clicking the link at the bottom of the email notification:

You'll automatically be notified for some things, based on your participation. When...

  • post a comment on something, you’ll receive notifications on future posts to the thread.
  • type in a Campfire, you are automatically following that Campfire.
  • ...someone assigns you a to-do, you'll be notified when anyone comments on it.
  • ...someone adds you to an automatic check-in, you'll automatically be subscribed to answers for that question. (You can unsubscribe, though!)
  • assign someone a to-do, you'll be notified when anyone comments on it, and when it's checked off.
  • ...someone "@" mentions you in a comment thread, you'll receive notifications for future posts to that thread. (You can always remove yourself by clicking the button at the bottom of the thread.)
  • ...someone "@" mentions you in a Campfire, you'll receive notifications for future posts to that Campfire. (You can always stop following a Campfire from the ••• menu in the upper right corner.)
Remember that you can switch to "just following" on a project or team at any time to mute all notifications for that specific project or team!

Closing comment threads

Comment threads can be used for all sorts of things! Asking folks to volunteer? Posting something that doesn't require any public replies? Comments on a thread can be closed, whatever the case. 

If you are the author of the post or are an admin or account owner, you'll see the option to close comments on a thread when you click on the ••• menu on the righthand side of the page.

Turning comments off also turns off the option to Boost. This doesn't have an effect on the existing comments or boosts so no worries there.

Other important notes:
  • If someone replies to an email notification after comments have been closed, we'll send them an email saying that the comments have been closed on this thread:

  • Closing and enabling comments is noted in the history of changes. Click on the ••• menu again, then on "View change log" to see this:

  • If you use our public API and it tries to post a comment, it won't be posted on the closed comment thread. 

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