What are Boosts?

Sometimes you want to indicate you appreciate or agree with what someone said, without posting a full comment. A boost is a short, flexible, and personal way to respond to something directly. 

Boosts can be up to 16 characters, and can contain emojis, text, or a combination of the two.  It's a short blank field that you fill with whatever you want to communicate, however you want to communicate it.

Boosts not working? The comments and boosts on the post you're looking at might be closed! Learn more here.

How to Boost

On messages, documents, comments, and a few other spots, you'll see a 🚀 rocket icon.

When you click that, a small field will expand in place:

You can type anything you want in there, up to a maximum of 16 characters. Click the smiley face to choose an emoji (you can also choose from all the emoji*).

Hit return or the green check mark to save the boost, or hit the red X to close the field. 

*To choose from the full menu of emoji, click control + command + space bar on a Mac to pull up the emoji picker. On Windows 10, click the Windows key + ; to pull up emoji. Older versions of Windows will work too. Check out our  emoji pro tips! 👍

You can add more than one if you want, and they'll collect into a little boost party:

Boosts will appear directly beneath a post, with space for comments below:

Boosted comments look similar. 

If you mess up, click on your boost and a little trash can will appear. Click that to delete it.

Admins have the ability to delete anyone's boosts — otherwise you can only delete your own.

Boost Report

Check out all the boosts you've received in a list, so you can scroll back through time and see what people said without needing to visit every post individually. 

Find this report by first clicking on My Stuff from any page. Then select My Boosts:

You'll also get a Hey! notification for Boosts in three-hour increments whenever you have new stuff to look at. This way you're less likely to miss seeing feedback on something for a long time.

However, if you don't want those notifications, you can opt out! Just hit the button in the top-right corner of the report to stop receiving it.

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