Automatic Check-Ins

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Automatic check-ins go out to your team on a regular basis. You can send them daily, weekly, or monthly. Everyone in the Project or on the Team or Company HQ Site can see the responses. Automatic check-ins keep teams up to date, and help your users get to know each other better.

At Basecamp, we use automatic check-ins to find out what everyone is up to. Every day, we ask people what they're working on, and what they had for lunch. Once a week, we ask people to take a picture of what they look like that day. Every other Monday, we ask people to share a good recipe. Once a month, we ask what people are reading, because who doesn't need a recommendation for a good book?
To set up an automatic check-in, click the Automatic Check-ins card in the Company HQ, Project, or Team site and click to Set up an automatic check-in.

Type your question, select who should be asked, then select how often and at what time you’d like to ask it.

When it's time to answer an automatic check-in, you'll receive a  notification.

Pause, edit, or delete an automatic check-in

Go to the check-in and click Edit from the  ...  menu in the upper right corner.  

You can also put a check-in in the trash:

To pause, click the Stop asking this question link:

To start asking that question again, click the Start asking this question link:

Removing the Automatic Check-in tool

You can hide a tool from a Project, Team, or HQ if it's not needed. See if a clear space really does organize the mind!

Here's how: Changing Tools